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  1. I dont really remember how I learned to read. XD;I was 4 at that time, I think, and I have very faint memories of my childhood overall. From what my mom told me, I take that she kept teaching me how to read until I could tell the contents of study book from top of my head (she caught me when asked me to read seperate words and I didnt remember which one was it >o> ) so she yelled some at me, bought me a new reading book and in the very same evening, I picked it up and started reading. Of course slowly at first, but I quickly picked the spped up. From that time, I havent had any problems with reading.
  2. While I have been learning English in school from 3rd grade, when I first started using it more actively - which was in Internet - my English was quite horrible. I made plenty of the mistakes mentioned here and probably havent (as a note, I dont use apostrophes because a problem with a key board, not because I wouldnt know where they should go to ><;; ) learned to avoid them all yet. But reading everything I could get in English (and also role playing some time later) was what really taught me the language. I will try to remember to come back and study some of the most mentioned mistakes here, since we dont really talk about them in school. ^^;
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