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  1. 'Ere's one for ya... I like to write. I even have notions of being a writer. One of the things that might be a bit odd though, is that I don't read very often. I'm more keen to write my own stuff, than I am to read novels and the like. I tend to think that's a bit unusual, but there it is. My great concern in writing therefore is that one day I'll come up with a fantastic idea and spend a year turning it into a novel, only to discover that said idea has been very famously used by very famous novel that I haven't read. Is my fear justified? Peplexed, Surbiton
  2. Hmm... I'm inclined to think that most people's vitriol here is fueled by the book's hype (and thus its chart-topping status). If it was just A.N.Other pulp airport pageturner (a la John Grisham, Tom Clancy etc. etc.), and let's face it - it is, then I think people here would either ignore it or accept it for what it is. Having said that, my problem is that by chance I read Holy Blood, Holy Grail shortly before DVC, and I'm virtually on the point of believing that this was Brown's one reference source! So once I took out all the stuff I'd learned about grail legend by reading HBHG, I was l
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