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  1. I agree with Meg, Our Hidden Lives is excellent, I've also read We Are At War and Private Battles, both also edited by Simon Garfield, If you liked Housewife 49 then how about Nella Last's Peace, her diaries from after the war. All three highly recommended. For something completely different, how about the Michael Palin diaries, I've only read the first two but very enjoyable.
  2. Not sure if this is allowed as it's a link to the 'opposition' but it is a list of books set in each of the 51 states in America, all published in 21st century. Some interesting titles in there. Armchair Traveling: Books Set in Every U.S. State - Goodreads News & Interviews
  3. I hope he enjoys it as much as I did Viccie.
  4. Sounds interesting, thanks Viccie.
  5. The true story of the Witold Pilecki, a member of the Polish Resistance who 'volunteered' to go in to Auschwitz to find out what was happening there and to create an underground organisation with the hopes of one day starting an uprising to free the prisoners. At the time of his imprisonment, Auschwitz was mainly a work camp, the Final Solution had not yet been fully envisioned by the Nazis. Over time his reports made it to the Polish Resistance in Warsaw, the Polish Government in Exile in London and the UK and US governments but each time his calls for bombardment of the camp were rejected. N
  6. Finished this a couple of weeks ago and wanted to write something that would do justice to this book but time and inspiration have failed me. Suffice to say I think this is good book and well worth reading. The chapter on the flight of the damaged plane making it's way back to UK vividly portrayed the predicament of the crew and how close they were to crashing. A Higher Call: The Incredible True Story of Heroism and Chivalry During World War Two (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Robertson Dean, Adam Makos, Larry Alexander, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks
  7. I have tried an E-reader type thing, can't remember which make, but definitely wasn't for me. I still prefer having the physical book. But having said that I do read a lot of books on audio, so no physical ownership there. But I do think in years to come if my arthritis gets worse and holding books becomes painful or uncomfortable then I may have to try electronic again. As for the subject of the article, I can concur re the GPS. I used to drive for a living, all over UK, used to just look at a map and away I would go. never got lost and if I had to go back again I knew the way. Now with GPS I
  8. I agree, of the nine I've read so far Barnaby Rudge is my favourite. Rudge is one of the great literary creations.
  9. Agree with Luna, I didn't enjoy PP either. It's about thirty years since I read it so can't remember what I didn't like but same as Luna I found nothing funny in it. Though to be fair as much as I love stand-up comedy, sitcoms etc I very rarely enjoy books that are supposed to be funny.
  10. No never seen this MM. Some excerpts on YouTube, Looks interesting.
  11. Obscure doesn't sell Hux, surely you know that. Not in enough quantities to make mainstream broadcasters feature it in review shows. Film review shows spend all the time talking about the next big blockbuster and the last minute talking about the foreign language movie. As for your clip, like two preening spoilt peacocks parading their self love. But as you say, to each their own.
  12. Many years ago I read and was very impressed by Oswald's Tale by Norman Mailer. Over the next few years I started buying up some of his other books in second hand bookshops. I kept buying them but never actually got round to reading them. Couple of years ago I finally read The Naked and the Dead his first novel about a platoon in WW2 in the Philippines and though not a perfect novel there was enough for me to want to read more of his work. Which given I now have about ten on my shelves waiting to be read .... Anyway I have a habit of working my way chronologically through the wor
  13. Sounds better than I imagined it to be, thanks Viccie.
  14. Excellent news, you have been a staunch supporter and contributor to BGO Luna.
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