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  1. If ever there was a reason, a justification needed for the existence of BGO it would be this book. I can only reaffirm all the previous praise lauded on this book in the many reviews. This really is a very special novel. Not only are we immersed in the lives of these two great men, we are transported around the world and into the past. A past that still reverberates in our daily lives. This book really is a revelation, not just in all the historical fact it imbues but in the skillful way in which Thompson handles the writing. As deft as Fitzroy himself handled the Beagle. A huge thank you to Jen for starting this thread and Meg for bringing this book to my attention.
  2. Elevation

    I had this on pre-order but sent it back on arrival as I didn't think it was worth the money for 132 pages. I'll look out for it when it starts appearing on the second hand lists .
  3. Thanks for the review MisterHG this sounds like a good book for my audio listening, I'll add it to the list.
  4. Just finished reading this and enjoyed it until the last part where Roth tries to explain the reasons why Lindberg behaved the way he did. This just didn't work for me it was as if he was trying to say a 'great' American could only do the things he did in the book if he were influenced by other parties (I'm trying to say this without giving away any salient information - and probably failing!). Of course we are all influenced by others but this was a specific kind of influence which just made a complete mockery of the rest of the book. The narration was very believable and I very quickly became immersed in the story. Unfortunately the ending was dreadful, as Roth just got bored with the book and thought "Oh I can't be bothered with this anymore I'll just stop here".
  5. I have been a member for years now and really like service. I pay £7.99 a month for one book but they don deals of the day and I find I'll usually buy at least a couple of those (£1.99 or 2.99) a month and those last me the full month. I've always got credits to use and I have plenty of books on their cloud waiting to be read. I listen using my phone and the app is easy to use and everything works fine.
  6. The City and The City (TV adaptation)

    After reading Luna's (review/comments - can't remember which) on this book I tried to read but I found I really didn't care for it. I tried watching the series tho as I thought I liked the concept of the novel but still it didn't click with me. I just don't like the characters and the not seeing people thing doesn't work for me.
  7. His Bloody Project

    Can I just add my thanks to Mr HG and the amount of reviews he posts. I don't pay much attention to the run up to the Booker prize so I probably wouldn't have been aware of this novel without his review. I don't always respond to your reviews Mr HG but I do read them with interest.
  8. His Bloody Project

    I finished this a few days ago and have like others on this thread I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked all the different aspects from the personal account to the extracts from books to the trial. The author seemed to handle all these aspects with great skill and even though I knew it was a novel I still had moments when I thought it was based on a true story. As for the ambiguous nature of some of the testimony etc I think that made it more real. In an actual trial we only have the participants word for what actually happened and even eye witnesses have been shown to make mistakes so I liked that the author left us wondering.
  9. Amazon

    To be honest Hazel I don't normally bother with reviews for good or bad service on Amazon so I couldn't say for definite but as per iff's post it would seem you can put reviews on for items you have rec'd a refund.
  10. Amazon

    I haven't bought from there for a while but only because I'm trying not to buy more books at the moment. I always had some issues with some of the books I bought but always got a full refund through Amazon and usually got to keep the book as well so it never worried me. But sounds like it is getting worse. Do you put reviews of the seller on? Maybe that's the only way to change it, if they get enough bad reviews they'll either get better or you'll know not to buy from them because their percentage drops.
  11. But reading a book isn't about memorising everything in the book (I'm talking about fiction here). I doubt if most people with average memory can recall most of what they read. Reading novels for me is about immersing myself in the world created not about being able to sit an exam on how much I've remembered. So for me it doesn't matter if I'm reading a physical book or an audio book it is about the story and the quality of the writing not the medium with which I use to read.
  12. quoting from another post

    Thank you to all three for your responses. It has worked this time so can only assume a temporary (tho as per Meg's post not an unknown ) glitch.
  13. I've just tried to quote from a post made by Viccie. The post I wanted to quote was there in my response box but when I tried to type in my response it wouldn't let me click outside the quoted material and input my own thoughts. The only way I could type my post was as part of the quoted text. Sure it'll be something very simple that I'm not doing. This was in the thread about whether audio books counted as actually reading the book. Sorry If I've not explained that very well. I have searched on "quoting" but the only threads that came up were from many years ago and didn't seem to apply.
  14. The Color Purple

    Just finished re-reading this and I think I enjoyed it even more this second time around. Though as per my previous post on this book I didn't remember much about it so my enjoyment assessment may be taken with a liberal pinch of skewed remembrance. Suffice to say from page one I was entranced by this book. I loved the talking to God/letter writing mechanism to tell the story. It allowed the voice of Celie to assert itself whilst introducing all the other characters. A masterful literary performance in my (limited knowledge) opinion. I'd also like to say I read (experienced or however we wish to categorise listening to audio books) this on audio and the narrator was Alice Walker. Normally I avoid authors reading their own works because they don't usually have the ability to perform with all the different voices a book requires but on this occasion Alice Walker did a great job. Really captured the whole feel of the book.