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  1. Haha, yeah, i read that and Blood stained kings... got me hooked instantly . I seen a thread about GRR and was suprised to finally find someone who has read the book. Apologies for my previous comment if your a Chelsea Cain fan haha.
  2. I don't think the US has Better crime writers than the UK and i wouldn't say the UK has better either. Im usuallu dissapointed and amazed in equal measure by both sides of the puddle. It comes down to who's writing it, not from where they come from. I started reading Chelsea Cain's 'Heart sick' and after 100 pages i threw it in the bag ready for a charity shop, i thought it was total pants. But i read a British author, Tim Willocks and his books blew me away. I dislike Stuart Macbride novels but love Pelecanos ect. ect. Both sides of the pond have their good and bad. None are better than the other, it's all down to the individual writing the book.
  3. Love Tim Willocks books, has to be my most favourite author. I thought for a while i was the only one who had read Green river rising! haha, good to see others have too. The Religion was epic! can't wait for the other's to pop up.
  4. The Wire is deffinately up there on my top 5 TV shows (Deadwood being first ) but i was gutted that the series had finished. I heared that David Simon had two books; 'Homicide' and 'The Corner'. I bought both, sitting nicely beside the chair but im reading Dennis Lehane's 'The given Day' at the mo so i haven't got round to it. I can't wait though
  5. I remember being told a story a long time ago in College before i joined the Army about violence in Books/movies/music influencing those who commit crimes ect. The story was of a young man who strolled in to an Infant's school and shot a class room full to pieces. He later told police he watched Star Wars the morning of the shooting. I don't and never have believed that excuse for one second, it's just being more of a coward and shoving the blame off on to something else. As with this nutcase apparently copying a Kathy Reichs novel, he was nuttier than squirrel poo looooong before he picked up a book!
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