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  1. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling - Righteous Brothers
  2. Softly Whispering I Love You - The Congregation
  3. I can only envy those who have never seen an episode of Seinfeld, when I think of the pleasure that they have to come in their lives. I would recommend wholeheartedly the brilliant DVD of the first three series which came out in time for Christmas. Not only is it the perfect introduction to the greatest ever sitcom, but it is the best packaged DVD I have ever come across. It suits both aficianados and those who have never seen a minute of it. Frasier was great in its time too (probably series 2 to 5). It seriously jumped the shark when Niles and Daphne go together (sorry to spoil it for you, MFJ. ).
  4. On The Street Where You Live - Freddie from My Fair Lady
  5. What You Wear Can Change Your Life - Trinny Woodall, Susannah Constantine
  6. Inspired by MD&G's thread and by a conversation I had this morning, I thought I'd start a thread about the TV shows people have never seen. I have never ever seen an episode of: Magnum Quincy Miami Vice Hawaii 5-0 Heartbeat Peak Practice Emmerdale Casualty Holby City Where The Heart Is St Elsewhere LA Law Knight Rider Baywatch ER Midsomer Murders A Touch Of Frost... Yet I'm a big TV watcher. Go figure!
  7. Fool If You Think It's Over - Chris Rea / Elkie Brooks
  8. How do you know if you've never seen it? Aha! I have a real block about Westerns. I've never seen The Magnificent Seven or The Searchers or She Wore A Yellow Ribbon or True Grit or Stagecoach... Probably better to mention the ones I have: a few of the Man With No Name films (aka the Man Who Never Speaks, which annoyed the hell out of me), High Noon, Shane and Unforgiven. The only one I liked was High Noon. I like my films to have dialogue. They are called talkies, after all. Strong silent types are anathema to me. Odd because I used to love The Virginian, High Chapparal and Alias Smith and Jones as a kid. PS. Just remembered that I've seen Once Upon A Time In The West - by some way, the best Western I've ever watched.
  9. Really Free - John Otway (backed by Wild Willie Barrett)
  10. Rainman, perhaps you could ask the author to come on here and discuss it. I'm assuming you know him, as you've named yourself after one of his books!
  11. I like to accept a challenge: A Change Is Gonna Cum - Devo
  12. Belated thanks for that, Darkstar. Those pictures in the papers yesterday of Titan from the Huygens were incredible. I assume you studied them carefully. It looked like it could have been somewhere on Earth. What I couldn't get my head round was that the pictures took just over an hour to reach Earth, at the speed of light. And that the batteries used by the Huygens probe have less power than a pocket torch. Odd to think that Titan is bigger than both Mercury and Pluto - seems unfair not to call it (and Jupiter's moon Gannymede) a planet, although I think I understand why they are not, as they are controlled by the pull of their respective planets.
  13. I didn't recognise the book title on this thread until yesterday, when I noticed a long-forgotten book called Rock File 5 on my shelf, written by gold old Charlie Gillett and some other chap. Lots of charts and stuff, with amendments written in my teenage handwriting.
  14. RR, you clearly have a death wish for this thread, but it won't die that easily! You Mek I Feel - Midnite
  15. The difference between 101 and 100 is, presumably, 1. Claire, you can answer a question now!
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