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  1. I want to read a fiction or non-fiction book that would be interesting and couñd tell mabye, facts, a biography, romance etc. Does anyone know a book related to my descriptions?
  2. yes, it was pretty funny when David gets drunk, but he feels ashamed when agnes sees him
  3. i think that a good christmas story would be Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasuring for Kids. It has alot of themes on christmas and perfect for that type of age.
  4. An Old-Fashioned Girl is one of the best books i have read. I also liked Litte Women with the characters that had different personalities, but An Old-Fashioned Girl tops it by 100%, i couldn't stop reading the book, i took almost a week to finish it, how the excitement crowls up inside you that gives you the urge to keep reading.
  5. Tess, i totally agree with you that george's marvellous Medicine is a very good book by dahl, and even more in agreement with matilda, although i really liked the movie.
  6. i liked this book because it talks about alot of real life subjects and wonderful achievements that David has done, although he has been treated incorrectly by his stepfather and his mother dies.
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