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  1. it uses the idea of immortallity to cover the history of the City of New York for several centuries.. but in that case it works very well, and is a very interesting book..
  2. it's not really about time travel to me.. i think i could find much more interesting things to do than get involved with a little girl.. and my self? what about conflict of meeting ones self.
  3. i'm about a third into the book.. not much action really, lots of talking..and romance.. several friends expressed enthusiaism when i mentioned i'm reading it.. i think it is more of a love story.. truthfully, it's not doing much for me but it is pleasant and an easy read. I think i like things with a little more conflict.
  4. the threads all seem to disapear if you aren't familiar with them... where will i find the discussion?
  5. i don't have bookstores where i live. I am going into town today so i will try to get Time travelers whatsit.. i am still finishing a couple of other things which i put aside to finish The Sea.. when are we going to be finished by?
  6. i am lost, as usual, where are the new book selections? and are we staying with BookCrossing Book Group? i think since we are so few, perhaps we should all agree on just one book..
  7. Last night i "finished" the book by skimming and reading the last couple of chapters... when he first encounters Rosina, he thinks she is a ghost or something.. her face is painted with weird makeup.. and she is hiding behind the bead curtain in the alcove that sometimes seems to move on it's own.. i found James much more interesting.. and would have liked the book better if it were about the weird stuff she throws in like the sea monster and at the end the demon chest. i can't imagine a world in which someone could get away with this stuff he pulls.. i thought the best character was the strange food and the house..
  8. some of us have just finished or are finishing The Sea, The Sea by Iris Murdoch.. but we were so few that we are thinking about joining .. just read the thread on discussion point by Claire.. that should help explain, it's nice to have you don't be discouraged.. we are just going to start a new book so hang in there..
  9. are we just going to join the other group? Ok by me.. just let me know..Saturday is it?
  10. i posted yesterday and no response.. i don't know what is going on .. everyone posted on different site than i, i'm not ready for something new but if there is a list i would like to see it.. have no idea what is happening...
  11. argh! i am not liking this book, i already just want to drown the little twit..and the women are so lacking in substance.. but perhaps when i finish it, which is taking me a long time since i really don't care about Charles and just wish he would go for one swim too many.. love the house though and the descriptions of food and the sea.. is R... alive or dead? i can't seem to make it out..Please show me the error of my thinking on this, as i would like to like it..
  12. i will pick it up on Monday.. that will give me time to finish up one of the four books i am reading already.. i got carried away and started reading Chronicles by Bob Dylan.. before i finished The Rule of Four.. bad bad.. so this weekend i will try to finish 2 books.. i have never read an Irisis Murdoch book.. see you once i have begun.. In the Constitution We Trust
  13. i will be reading the Iris Murdoch book and perhaps the History of whatever thingy. In the Constitution We Trust
  14. will call my book seller today. In the Constitution We Trust
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