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  1. 10x a lot friends, I'll check out the books mentioned. I'll also appreciate more suggestions. P.S. I'm not looking for novels with graphic violence, I just like scary sci-fi stories. Hope you get me right
  2. Hi again, Can you recommend some good sci-fi novels with horror elements like space horror, unknown space creatures, planet with scary stuff and so on? I can only place the genre of novels I'm looking for with the help of movies, say like Alien, Event horizon, Pandorum - stuff like that. Please tell me if you know some books like that. I also like stories in which the protagonist tries to solve the mystery of what happened to him/her. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I just found this forum and I'd like to ask the veteran sci-fi readers if they can help me find out the name of the book I once read - it's a sci-fi novel that begins with a man waking up and finding that his body has changed and is not his own entirely - there are tentacles and other weird stuff on him. Then he is trying to solve/remember what happened with him. Do you know the book?
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