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  1. Thank you Megustaleer for the message to let me know BGO is closing down. It’s been a while since I was last here, but I have fond memories of the early days. I was always more of a lurker than a contributor, but enjoyed the chat. I will try and find the FB group. edited to add, just noticed tagesmann has a link in his post above 👍
  2. Did you watch the Sunday omnibus which is definitely an hour? I thought the last one shown during the week was half an hour like the rest? I might be wrong though and if I am then it should have been two hours long
  3. I was confused too, until I rewound and listened to it all again. It didn't help that Andy Serkis was using such a thick accent I thought the adaptation was well up to Andrew Davies's usual standard, but it did seem rushed at the end. The last episode could easily have been an hour long instead. And would anyone who's read the book care to explain what happened to the Gowans. That seemed like a loose end to me - poor "Pet" just left with her miserable husband in lonely Venice. Hope that last bit isn't a spoiler.
  4. Not really. I had imagined a town stretched out along a road for some reason rather than all the businesses in one area. But the pilot really brought everything to life. It was filmed in rich beautiful colours and I loved it just for that. The actress playing Mme Ramotswe was brilliant but the other characters weren't quite as I had imagined them and some seemed to be completely new. Though they were in keeping and I think they added to the story.
  5. Oh, that's great news! I loved the pilot and was hoping there would be more.
  6. I'm attempting the tome that is The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and another tome - Middlemarch - on my PDA. I keep starting Middlemarch and I've read the scene where Dorothea and Celia divide up their mother's jewellery about five times and then I seem to give up around the time when Sir James' cottages are being planned. This time I really am determined to get at least halfway through
  7. Me too! All the resources have given me a whole lot more things to spend my money on, LOL! Today was some gorgeous Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend from the Winter Fair at Builth Wells...... ummmmmm Does that keep me on topic too
  8. I saw a tutorial on moebius scarves the other day and they look horribly complicated!! Is a lot of concentration needed?
  9. I read this at the beginning of last year and enjoyed it - though my bookcrossing review says that I got a bit bored towards the end, probably due to the repetitive nature of the format and because I wanted to know what happened in the end I think they've just released a film - Slumdog Millionaire - based on the book. Anyone seen it yet?
  10. I got the same score as you Flingo and had the same lucky guess I regularly listen to audio books, does this have a bearing do you think?
  11. I used to be a big fan of Robert Goddard's novels but have found that just lately his books have become rather formulaic and his characters are all loosely the same - the displaced hero is a good description. The only book I can remember that has a female lead is my favourite - Hand in Glove. Having said that I've not read this one and it does sound interesting... dare I try another one? LOL!
  12. Awww, their poor profits, only 1 in 2 books sold on the high street! Buying novels constitutes dumbing down now?
  13. 99 but shamefully I have to admit that this is one of my favourite quizzes and I practice on a regular basis. Still can't get those Balkan states right though!
  14. I too have reservations about the quality of the ITV adaptations, but in their defence I really enjoyed two dramas they did just before Christmas - Driving Lessons and Housewife, 42. It could be that it was because Julie Walters and Victoria Wood were involved but they were on ITV I must admit I'm more concerned about the new film about the life of Jane Austen that will be coming out shortly - looks like a travesty to me
  15. I think you need a 'feeder reader' to subscribe and as far as I know I haven't got one. I've bookmarked your page though I am. Catster would be a terrible time sink if I let it, but I have a fondness for looking at cat pictures and Catster satisfies on that count
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