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  1. I was checking my library account this morning and decided to see when publication is for the latest in the Clare Fergusson-Russ Van Alstyne series is coming out. And it's almost here! Plus, I was able to put the audiobook on hold. I've listenend to this whole series of the minister and the (married) police chief, instead of reading them. Got me through a lot of treadmill and elliptical hours, let me tell you. I'm pretty excited.
  2. No -- People will get their ideas from wherever. It's the PERSON who commits the crime, not the PERSON who wrote the book! That said, I think some books are a little over the top...
  3. How about Lily's Crossing by Patricia Reilly Giff? The main boy character had to flee Europe and ends up in NY, on Rockaway Beach, with the main girl character. It's a wonderful story and it certainly brings home some of the anguish of being a refugee. This kid has no immediate family left. Here's a link to the book on amazon: Lily's Crossing And the writeup there even refers to Albert being a refugee from the Nazis.
  4. There was a series of kids books many years ago that permitted the same thing, interestingly enough. I have absolutely NO recollection of the name or really, any of the specifics, just that there were several points in the book where the young person could change the direction of the story. I'll have to take a look at your site.
  5. For some reason, I've never gotten into the MC Beaton books -- BUT -- I have read (and listened to on audiobook) the books the same author has written as Marion Chesney. I didn't even know the author was the same; one of the librarians told me. Every once in a while I discover an author has a pseudonym, and while I love one set of books, I don't care for the other at all. (Kind of like Nora Roberts; love her Nora roberts stuff, except for the paranormal junk she's writing too much of now, but don't care at all for her books written as JD Robb.)
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