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  1. I watch the audition stages because it's funny to watch Cowell do some dream crushing. It's weird that no one seems to have told half the people who audition that they CAN'T SING. Most are worryingly (if that's even a word) deluded.
  2. My mum wants me to take down all my posters. But I've got them all organised. You actually can't see my walls. I have about seven Lord of the Rings posters, a Steve McQueen/Great Escape poster, a few other movie posters and about a wall full of Elijah Wood and Ewan McGregor posters which I won't take down because they're hiding cracks in the wall. I used to have so many Take That and Boyzone posters. Oh, and an Eric Cantona one. That was embarrasing. But that was only because my brother is a Liverpool supporter and I was trying to annoy him.
  3. I surprised myself by loving this book. I only picked it up because it was big and the cover was pretty. It was very sweet but it had me laughing out loud too, Katie's letters when she was a little girl were hilarious. There are a few very emotional "chapters" too, and I thought they were really well written and didn't feel at all out of place. I should probably read P.S. I Love You now.
  4. God no, I won't be reading it. Tried reading the first two books and they were two of the worst books I've ever read: boring, irritating and badly written. It's annoying whenever the new books come out because my HP mad friends keep talking to me about them until steam comes out of my ears.
  5. I'm about halfway through this and it's not as great as I thought it would be. The writing can be very pretentious and so far I don't sympathise much with either of the two main characters, which is weird. I also don't like the way it deals with the time travel sometimes, too many plot holes. But it's a good story, sometimes funny and sweet and I do want to keep reading. It's just a little hard to get through.
  6. Well that's good, I'm not hungry any more... Pickled limes... God, limes are bad enough. I sort of identified with all the sisters, that's a sign of the good writing. I remember having an anime film version of the book when I was younger... odd.
  7. Sara

    Live 8

    Did anyone watch this on BBC? It was really bad coverage, cutting from the Make Poverty History films to backstage interviews. I think they missed the entire point of the concert. Talking about missing the point, I can't believe people were booing and swearing at the acts who were performing at a concert to raise awareness of poverty and put pressure on the G8 leaders. That's just disgusting to me. Fair enough if you don't like a singer or a band, but they've taken the time to come out and help an important cause. Could they not show a little bit of respect, or at least basic manners?
  8. I just have a forum, about the His Dark Materials books here. I only started it because the other HDM forums are really unfriendly and thought I'd give people a chance to discuss the books without being abused. Starry, I think I've been to your website before. Nice design. If only my html knowledge would stay in my head...
  9. I finally bought some books today. I don't feel like a zombie parked in front of the TV any more. So now I'm reading Long Way Round, One Child by Torey Hayden (because the cover was pretty) and The Time Traveller's Wife.
  10. Your children didn't cry at ET? I didn't realise that was physically possible... I cry at everything. My mum actually had to come up and check on me at the end of Moulin Rouge. She just gives me looks during Four Weddings and a Funeral when John Hannah reads Funeral Blues. What else... The Lion King, Truly Madly Deeply, Spartacus and Sophie's Choice all make me go hide in my room until I've calmed down.
  11. I don't read a lot of poetry. Most of the poems I end up reading are war poems in school. We studied Yeats last year but I can't stand his later poetry because he seems so self important and ignorant of how other people live. One of my favourite poems is "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae because it's beautifully written and it has a great rhythm and sound. Sassoon is a great poet too but I haven't read much of his work.
  12. I could never get into it. I tried reading it a few times but it just never interested me. I can't even remember why, it was a few years ago that I picked it up. I'm not the biggest Irving fan though.
  13. I usually borrow because it's easier to get to my school library than the bookstore, and I have no money.
  14. I love Roald Dahl. The BFG and Matilda are brilliant books. Not too keen on Boy, but I liked Going Solo. Charlie and the Chocolate factory is my all time favourite Dahl book. The Witches is a close second.
  15. I usually have the same tastes as my friends. my English teacher did recommend All The Pretty Horses though, and I told him he must have been having a laugh and if I handed him up a badly written essay with no punctuation would he consider that a masterpiece.
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