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  1. I totally agree! I have counted no less than 6 autobiographies being promoted on TV in the last week by celebrities! When does the little guy get a chance? Your Father-in-law sounded like an interesting and well travelled man. I hope the book does really well in his memory. You are a credit to him. JANE.E.HILL
  2. Thank you for all your comments on the 'Happy or Sad' ending post. I am not actually writing a book based on this Synopsis, it was just an idea I used for the question although it has posed some interesting feedback. I hope it has provoked some thought in you all when you consider what type of ending you would actually prefer when you read your next book? JANE.E.HILL
  3. Hello there, I wanted to say a BIG HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO and welcome you to the site. I am fairly new and still struggle to find my way around sometimes! I am a self-published Author and understand the struggle to get your work published. Your book sounds interesting and I wish you the best of luck. JANE.E.HILL
  4. In my opinion Dracula is a must! I am a big fan of the aforementioned and anything with blood and gore! Bram Stoker is one of my favourite Authors and I have a first edition of his novel. His book has been adapted many times (as I am sure we have all been subjected to) but I have never been disappointed with the outcome of the performances and special effects. I think the storyline based around a myth of vampirism with the additional element of horror and suspense always keeps a reader entertained and there are many Authors who still use this idea as a basis for their work today. Full marks to Mr.Stoker!
  5. Can anyone help? I am (as anyone who has read my Blog will know) a self-published Author. I have stumbled across a problem which I am hoping I cannot search any useful information to. I have approached many Publishing Houses and Literary Agencies although some of them do not accept unsolicited work my work is not unsolicited as I am a published Author. I am trying to encourage them to read my second and third sequels but they are refusing with the old adage; ‘we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts’. I have tried to explain my situation and the fact I am already a ‘published Author’ but this does not seem to be having any positive effect. If you have any comments or helpful advice, I would appreciate it. I do not know how to cross the threshold of actually persuading them to read a section of the sequels if they won’t accept ‘unsolicited works’ and yet I am indeed a published Author! JANE.E.HILL
  6. Has anyone seen 'The Blind Side' recently? What a deeply moving and inspirational film. Starring Sandra Bullock and Tim Mcgraw amongst many others, the story is based on the life of a young boy abandoned by his mother who ends up being somewhat of a waif and stray. The boy is befriended in a Christian school and the mother of this child takes pity on him offering him a bed for the night. From there, she buys him clothes, feeds him takes him into the bussom of her family. The story is based on the life of a real American football player who is a real 'gentle giant'. I highly reccommend this film, but keep a box of tissues handy as it could be a soggy night! JANE.E.HILL
  7. Has anyone seen the new version of 'Alice in Wonderland'? I have seen the recent version of this Lewis Caroll classic and was seriously disappointed I was priviledged to read the original edition and have seen many different versions of this wonderful film over the years but I feel this recent offering does not do the book justice or its previous works. Where was the lobster, and the Madhatter's lisp chattering version of 'An Unhappy Birthday'? I can't understand why the trial with Alice and the Queen had been forgotten? Anyway, I am sure many children across the world enjoyed this colourful array of characters as did mine. I hope I haven't ruffled anyone's feathers, its purey my opinion! JANE.E.HILL
  8. Jane E Hill has written the first of her ‘alternative ending’ books entitled, So Here I Stand. "Originally born in North London, Jane escaped an unhappy childhood using her writing. Through adult life, ingenuous to most, the pen was never far from her hand. With annotations scrawled in restricted notebooks, her passion for writing was kept alive. Unable to publish any of her work during a troublesome and violent first marriage, she held on to these notebooks. Now happily married again and residing in Kent, her efforts are offered in this first publication". [RG] Hi Jane. So, firstly, could you tell us a little bit more about the alternative-ending concept in your book, please. The idea for the alternative ending developed due to the reoccurring question I continuously asked myself, ‘Why is it upon arrival at the end of a film or book the conclusion is never one you would select necessarily by choice?’ The ending to a book or film with a single conclusion is normally one, which is expected. The alternative ending is a unique idea, for the first time the reader can complete the beginning, and middle sections of the story and once arriving upon the conclusion is faced with the opportunity to decide the fate of the characters for himself. Drawing upon the end of many books, (as I am sure many readers have) I have on countless occasions felt the overwhelming disappointment when the outcome was not one, which was expected. How many readers have read a book and thought to themselves: ‘I could write an unrivalled climax surpassing that one?’ The odds become greatly compromised with a choice of two endings. The probability the reader will enjoy at least one of the two endings is at best 50%. [RG] Your book is self published. Can you tell me a little bit about the process you went through to get your work on the shelves. Self-publishing ‘So, Here I Stand’ was a long and tedious process. Originally handwritten, the manuscript was in need of typing before the publishers would even consider looking at it. Once they were in receipt of the typed document, I was informed it was in the incorrect format. Upon alterations the manuscript was revised a number of times and returned. I signed off each and every part of the process to agree the final adjustments. The additional entry into Waterstones was also a time consuming process. The information relating to my book was sent through a data site and this updates all the online bookstores and some associated bookstore information sites. The information regarding my book has been despatched and has only been received by certain online stores but not others as yet. I am informed this can take up to 30 business days. The cover was also a lengthy process. Sifting through hundreds of stockpile photographs until I could find a satisfactory selection of combined images to connect the cover to my storyline. The cover is my first port of contact between the reader and myself as the Author and is vitally important. The cover also has to represent the story and has to be significant to the content contained within. Fortunately, after some hours spent searching I discovered the images you now see on the cover of my book. [RG] What are your writing habits? Are you a morning scribbler or a night owl? Everyday from morning to afternoon I can be found writing. Intellectual conversation can arouse a spontaneous urge to scribble at any time of the day or night and an unorthodox need to write. [RG] What are you working on at the moment? Do you have any more alternative ending books in the pipeline? ‘So, Here I Stand’ stems into two sequels and I am working on both of these storylines concurrently. Due to the complexity of these books and the fact these books both again have ‘alternative-endings’ it is inevitable they are written simultaneously. The basis of these sequels is to provide the reader with the ability to choose either sequel to continue the story from ‘So, Here I Stand’ regardless of which one is selected the story will be maintained. Therefore, the reader can select the original ending in ‘So, Here I Stand’ and continue the story in the second sequel or read the alternative ending and select the first sequel. Either book will continue the plot regardless. Both sequels will again provide the reader with an original ending and an alternative ending and the possibility to create his own fictional thriller. [RG] Last but not least, what keeps you going when the ‘doubt fairy’ creeps in? How do you keep plugging away at the page? Escaping into my writing is therapeutic and relaxing. I have no problems with ‘doubt faeries’ or ‘walls’, I simply open the laptop returning to the sentence I had previously written and continue my work. My only one real frustration is I can never seem to type fast enough to express in words the sentences I would like to compose my story. Writing should always be pleasurable and effortless and when it becomes a chore, there is always a threat the Author will not find it quite so enjoyable anymore. Many thanks for your time, Jane Richard Grayling
  9. …. So you have read the bulk of ‘a’ book and arrived at the end. The beginning was encouraging and built to a suspenseful focal point leading towards a dramatic climax. Upon approach you suspect whether the Author is going to present you with the proverbial happy conclusion or a tearjerker? The synopsis for example, (but not an actual book I myself am working on) is based around a story surrounding a child who is abused and brutally beaten for years by her Mother. Her Mother then becomes terminally ill due to a hereditary disease and a transplant is imperative. The only person suitable as a donor is her only daughter. Should the book inevitably end with the child psychologically damaged but fulfilled with the fact she has saved her Mother’s life by donating her organ to leave the reader feeling self-satisfied and of course this is the ending society would expect? Or, should the book end with the daughter murdering her Mother by way of revenge for the years she spent suffering violence at the hands of her Mother and some readers will feel some compassion for the victim? Or, would the reader prefer the opportunity to choose from ‘both’ endings because he has the choice of reading a happy and a sad ending provided by the Author? Which of the endings would the reader consider the more realistic not the more appropriate? JANE.E.HILL
  10. Gripping Zymurgy by the wrist, I dragged him in the direction of his office collecting the travel bag during the course of the journey. ‘Hurry up will you!’ Yelling at him in high dudgeon, relief instilled with support from Malcolm. With ruthless force, Malcolm seated Zymurgy. ‘You can open the strong room now Lila, I have this under control,’ stated Malcolm. Cold and unemotional, the strong room invited challenge to liberate the cabbalistic. Casting the travel bag onto the desk in preparedness, I inhaled deeply. On opening the memorandum, I recited the combination whilst turning the mechanism. ‘12...17...52...75...68...1’. …. Twelve minutes. I turned the copious constraint with ferment. I unbolted the door. With a tremendous thunderous echo, the motor gears commenced a mechanical process. Succeeding seconds, the device had completed the procedure. Smiling at Malcolm with eminence, I turned the copious constraint with ferment. I unbolted the door. …. Thirteen minutes.
  11. A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all the comments I have received in relation to my question regarding my book. I appreciate feedback. However, it seems to have provoked a debate that the good Sir 'David' has had to fight my corner for me! I as a self-published Author compile all my own advertising, emails, marketing, press releases etc as I am sure readers will appreciate alot of self-published Authors do. The book 'So, Here I Stand' was self-published as an individual venture. I only join associated sites and groups to mention my book on if the site or group allows this and in the appropriate section. If not, I understand. I take an interest in other people's work and appreciate feedback. I enjoy hearing from readers and viewers of my blogs and website, it doesn't have to be because they have read my book. I hope this clarifies the reason I joined the site for some members and I hope the topic is now closed.
  12. Ever wanted to read a book where you wanted to decide the grand finale for yourself? Bored with the same solitary assigned ending in every book? Wouldn't you like a choice? I have published such a book where the reader has been given the opportunity to choose from an ALTERNATIVE ENDING. My publication of 'So, Here I Stand' has just been released into Waterstones in Gower Street London and is available online. The book itself has the choice of two endings and from these two endings stems two sequels. The sequels also have two endings in each. The reader has the chance to select either sequel to create their own series of a suspense thriller, because they are not limited by the sequel they choose. The subplot continues irrelevant to the choice of sequel. I am hoping to infuse a new spark into reading that book on the way to work again!
  13. Ever reached into that luggage bag on the plane or that briefcase on the train and pulled out the novel thinking....I wish I could decide the grand finale for myself? Bored with the same solitary assigned ending in every book? Wouldn't YOU like a choice? Wouldn't YOU like to choose what happens to the character in the end? My new book, the first of many, allows the reader to do just this. Vist my website- http://www.authorjaneehill.webeden.co.uk
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