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  1. Any thoughts on what is the best translation of Don Quixote? I have the Penguin Classics version by J.M.Cohen, is this any good?
  2. I recently finished my free trial of Kindle Unlimited and read 3 books in that time. I've cancelled the subscription and still have 'borrowed' books on my Kindle but because the Wi-Fi is turned off they haven't disappeared yet and remain readable which is nice :-)
  3. Of course, a huge thanks to all those involved! :flowers: :flowers: Let's hope we have a happy ever after...
  4. Thanks! I found I had less time for coming on here and gradually I just slipped away. I did come back and lurk a few times but never really contributed. For some reason I felt the need to log back on today and reading on how BGO nearly disappeared forever has filled me with horror! To think that I took it all for granted. It sounds like you've been working extremely hard to try and save this forum so a huge thanks to you, David.
  5. It's been announced on Facebook, does that make it official? Congrats to Grammath and Lady Lazarus, for all events!
  6. Wow, wow, wowzer!! I am of course referring to the events of season 3 episode 9. I won't drop any spoilers at this point but who watched it and what did you think?
  7. Please excuse my ignorance, for I’ve just returned to these boards after a long absence, but what exactly happened??
  8. I completely agree. My husband and I were excited about the release of Toy Story III (Toy Story II was the first film we saw together at the cinema) but were disappointed to find that the only 2D showing was on weekday mornings!! We refused to pay more to see the film in 3D when we didn’t WANT to see it in blooming 3D, so now we’re waiting for the DVD release and will spend the money we would have spent on those ridiculous glasses on a bottle of wine!
  9. Tess

    Have a Rant!

    I got one of those 'Sorry, you were out cards' from the Royal Mail, but I don't drive and am not going to be near the depot anytime soon so I thought I'd just pay 50p to have it re-delivered to my local post office, a 2 minute walk from my house. Only now Royal Mail are charging £1.50 for this service! So instead I have arranged a free re-delivery to my house in the hope that this time I will be in to accept the parcel. Chances are I won't be and we'll have to repeat the whole process again!! Bravo, Royal Mail.
  10. Tess

    Have a Rant!

    The first few times I used the self-service tills this happened to me too, until one of the staff actually bothered to take the time to explain how the system works. The baggage area is also a scale and so it weighs each item you put into your bag (comparing it against what you have just scanned) so you can’t scan a tin of beans and then pop some extra virgin olive oil into your bag instead! Things become more complicated when you use your own bags because it can sense their weight too and the scales don’t like this and start flashing about unidentified items – so what you have to do is at the beginning of the transaction tell the system that you are using your own bags and place these on the scales so that they can be weighed. In theory everything should then run smoothly…
  11. Which can be a nice compromise but can sometimes cause great confusion e.g. women booking flights in their professional name but passport is in their married name (yes, this does happen!). Personally, I would not like to have two different names and would rather just keep my own. Dr MyLastName does not exist, so if I did take my husbands name then it would have to be Mrs HisLastName and after 4 years studying for my PhD I would be loathe to lose my Dr title just like that!
  12. I got married a few weeks ago and have not changed my name. It’s raised a few eyebrows and honestly I am quite shocked by the reactions. The worst part was on the wedding day when people kept getting excited and calling me Mrs HisLastName, it was really embarrassing for both of us having to correct it each time (and by the end of the day I had given up). Plus, we received a few cheques in my ‘new name’. I understand that people think they are being cute by doing this because for many brides it would be an exciting change so I’m not too offended by that part (although I could kiss the people who asked me first whether I was changing my name) but it’s the glazy look when I correct them that gets to me, I really didn’t think it was that unusual! I love my husband dearly and just because I didn't take 'his' name does not dilute that fact. I made the decision to keep my name as a young girl because I always said I loved my surname and wouldn't want to lose it. It was not a 'fashion' statement but a very personal decision. Fast forward some years and it now makes sense to keep it, not only because it's my name and I love it but because I have now published research in that name. As a bonus I won't have the same name as my MIL, a woman who refused to attend our beautiful wedding because it wasn't Catholic, but that's another story...
  13. What boggles my mind is that the lady who was interviewed appears to be wearing a rather large pair of earrings which are most fashionable amongst a certain demographic. This gives us two scenarios 1. She doesn't deem it worthy to get dressed in the mornings but she does go to the effort of putting on her earrings 2. She sleeps in those monstrosities.
  14. I recently inherited a Nikon D40 from my fiance who upgraded to a D300. It's a nice entry level camera and I'm having fun learning with it. My fiance got the photography bug a few years ago which has since snowballed and he's just started a distance learning photography degree.
  15. Tess

    Have a Rant!

    Well yes, I was, but haven't updated that for some time so I've moved on! I always read more than one book at a time, usually have one for reading in the bath (a tatty copy which won't mind being dropped now and then!) another for bedtime and then something small to carry around with me. Although I admit that I gave up on To The Lighthouse, it was just too much for the bus!
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