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  1. I love the strange ethereal atmosphere he is capable of creating without airy fairy language, it is a genuine skill i have never found in an author before (although maybe I'm just not as well read as i thought- i don't know). I am enjoying his meandering storyline but as i read a section every few days, i sometimes get a bit lost as the story can be quite convoluted; things that were part of the story get dropped and seemingly loose relevance... Anyway still enjoying the book. I also enjoyed after dark by the same author... Are there any other authors with the ability to create this semi dream world? I have been looking but cannot find them...
  2. Who spotted the obligatory da vinci code on the third shelf down? I still haven't read that book...
  3. Like alot of other people this title is on my TBR pile. I have read Grotesque which was really very good and how apt the title is... It is not a comfortable read by any stretch of the imagination and will make you squirm in your seat... if that doesn't want to make you read it i don't know what else i can say. I bought Out based on my enjoyment of Grotesque. I am reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle at the moment and have OUT in my more likely TBR pile so it is a good contender for the next read. As you can tell i'm going through a 'japanese' phase.
  4. completed as requested Good luck...
  5. I am probably like the rest of you and have a massive TBR pile. The only problem is a buy new books on a weekly basis so the list just gets longer and longer... If at home i make a decision when i finish the book i'm on with. I work night shifts so often read when it is quiet, so i constantly have 2 other books in my bag in case i finish one and then i have the choice of 2. So i never know exactly what i will read next and it very much depends on my mood... My best friend has only one book in her TBR pile at a time and only buys/acquires a new book when she has nearly finished the one she is on with... Ah if i could only be that straight forward
  6. Hi I'm very new to these forum thingies, so hope i am not talking irrelevant nonsense to you. I have a lifelong passion for reading and when i was a teenager instead of going and causing trouble hanging outside our local spar shop after school i was going to the public library getting out many books and taking them home to read each evening. I read so many books i couldn't even remember what i read, although i know there were lots by my then favourite author Stephen King. I recently read Wetlands by Charlotte Roche and found it a pretty decent book with a particularly unlikeable main character. I am currently reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami which i am not too far into, but it seems good so far and has a dream like quality... I bought it as it came in a pair with my favourite childrens book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (which i wanted my boyfriend to read and i only had in hard back) and because i had read After Dark by the same author about 12 months ago and had loved it... Anyway i have joined this forum site because i hope to find out about interesting authors/titles from other book lovers, that i may not otherwise get to hear about, as many of my friends are not into books the same and prefer 'chick lit' of which i am not really a fan.
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