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    Where are you?

    I am posting tonight to say goodbye to the BOOK GROUP ONLINE forum. I have to be honest in saying that I have felt that I have been under pressure from the start to explain myself,and some of my posts have been of a less than an agreed nature. In keeping with the good nature of this site,I have endeavoured to moderate my posts within,and yet I find myself at a loss overall. Best wishes to you,one and all. Tuscan.
  2. "Perhaps", said Tom impassively.
  3. "Not too far..", said Tom myopically.
  4. "What a great picture", said Tom takingly.
  5. "You'll swing from the highest branch", said Tom treasonably.
  6. "I made the wrong choice", said Tom selectively.
  7. "I wrote that when I was in the Navy", said Tom subversively.
  8. "I'm a firestarter...twisted firestarter", said Tom lightsomely.
  9. "I've searched round the block", said Tom mechanically. "Not underneath,or round the back", Tom added exhaustively.
  10. Influential and an absorbing read. Never doubted his true goal.
  11. "Only when I need to", said Tom habitually.
  12. Half monks and half beasts. Profound indeed.
  13. "I don't know what you mean", said Tom whimsically.
  14. Absolutely. There is not a lot to learn from something you can stumble across by chance.A random attempt will eventually reveal an answer,(think 100th monkey syndrome),and yet there is still some reward to be gained from the game itself. File under eclectic....
  15. "Beam me up", said Tom enterprisingly.
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