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  1. for me I get drawn to fantasy because I enjoy letting my mind escape and think of the possiblities of being in the story myself. (very child like I know) But also I love imagination and the creation of new creatures like in the chronicles of narnia. I love CS Lewis' stuff. Truly quality. Also I've just read a book a couple of books from a trilogy called the chronicles of the brothers. It's about Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael in Heaven before the creation of the earth. The author is Wendy Alec and what she's done is write an interesting slant on the war in heaven and what the angels and demons get up to behind the scenes through bible times. I found it very interesting indeed. But again for me it was pure escapism and I loved the imagination behind her work.
  2. I'm a fan of fantasy epics, for me it's escapism (if there is such a thing) well I've just finally read Lord of the Rings after first watching the movies when they came out and I must say I was amazed. What a fantastic book. So I just wanted to start a thread on this hoping to discuss it with other LotR fans.
  3. Hi, my name is Ian Martin. I am currently working on two books within my role at 21:Twenty One Publishing. But I just wanted to introduce one of the books to any one who enjoys legal thrillers. It is a legal thriller with a difference, Blood on Their Hands is an epic journey into the heart and soul of man; it’s a story of cause and effect, vengeance and justice, choice and consequence. In Blood on Their Hands, four men cross a line. The crime scene is Southeast Asia and the dying days of the Vietnam War. Though some are more guilty than others, they all think it’s behind them. But thirty-two years later it’s time to pay, their wrong choice as young men thrusting them as fifty-something’s into the global spotlight and the highest profile trial in U.S. legal history. I've read the book and personally can say it's a cracker. Very enjoyable. Please feel free to search for blood on their hands and read more from it's website.
  4. Hi, my name is Ian Martin. I'm Administrative Director for 21:Twenty One Publishing. I usually read fantasy books but have started reading some autobiographies and more recently I've been working on two books, Blood on their Hands and 666 Mark of the Beast - by Phil Davies and Phil Davies & John Bullock respectively. I've been looking for a book forum to join for a while to talk with other book readers, writers, agents etc... So here I am. This is me
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