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  1. I am in the middle of reading "The Wee Free Men" by Terry Pratchet. I just finished one of the Artemis Fowl books in the Young Adult. And Bone, a graphic novel.
  2. In my drama class the teacher made us do a day without comunication. No radio, computers, phone, talking, writing on a paper, gesturing. Nothing. It was hell.
  3. Midsummer Night's Dream was one of the only things I read in school that wasn't ruined for me, maybe that was because my english teacher in a stalky, Monty Python loving, italian man.
  4. I like the way you said that there is "no way to resolve this other than by a tedious, frankly unbelievable, explanation". Then you went on to say that there was not a way out, and it seems that you used "no way to resolve" and "no way out" as synonyms, yet you also said that there was a way out, which is the tedious explanation. Why do you think that the explanation that his wife isn't dead ia tedious? I have read quite a few books that have pseudocide in them.
  5. I got out of having to read "The Grapes of Wrath" this year in High School by taking English at the local community college. So instead I got to read "Tell No One" by Harlan Coben, which I own and had already read. Everyone in the class had to read a different book and do a 6 page review on it and then we had class discussions.
  6. I completely forgot to look it up at the Public library, they have it on order at the school library but haven't recieved it yet. I've been really busy with some of my school stuff that becomes outside of school stuff, like solo/ensemble contest on Saturday. I will punish myself later. Now, I'm busy being Deaf for the day. It is really hard to ignore what other people are saying and make them write it down instead. I have earplugs in, but they do not to much and what parts of speach that they do block out I can catch with lip reading. I'll stop ranting now.
  7. Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging Wait just a sec... I have to go to the rest room. Ahh, thats better. Ok. The confessions of Georgia Nicolson! Read them, love them, discuss them. I'm too lazy to write an acceptable first post at the moment. Edit: Ok, now I'm good. Lets just see if I can remember it all. I read another series that is a confession style book set in England. Georgia Nicolson and her best friend....I cannot remember right now, will look up, oh just a seccond again. I need to go look up some details on it because I keep getting the two different series's(?!) confused. Ok, it starts out when Georgia is in the equivallent of High School, this would be England. Her life is basically like the average teenage girl, but it has never before been put to paper. Her humor is top of the line(the first read-through), what with the changing of the official snogging scale and her cat, Angus, taunting the poodle next door every chance he gets. There is much to relate to. This book, and all to follow are full of angst and whitty conversations. I'm getting tired now, so I will stop. And please forgive me because my writing sucks.
  8. I feel that in school whey they make everyone read the same book they usually say, "this is what the book is about, these are the important characters, and this is what the book means" and I feel this is wrong. Everyone gets something different out of a book, and if you teach it in school, it just standardizes the way people look at books. And there was also the fact that in school they made you feel like there is a wrong way to interpret a book, which there isn't. That's the beauty of books, four people can read a book and get something different out of it. The plot will be the same, and the characters, but everyone has to create these characters in their mind so they all come out different.
  9. I have so many books checked out from the library, but all of them I have finished reading. I have not been back to the library in about 3 days. Currently I am reading......lets think..... "Mondays are Red" by....let me look....Nicola Morgan. Thoughts have tastes, colors have smells, and tastes have sounds. I haven't finished it....too many other books.
  10. This is an awsone, if somewhat predictable, book. Story: David Beck's wife is taken from him on their anniversary, she is found a few months later dead on the side of the road. Eight years later Beck starts getting mysterious e-mails containing information that only him and his wife know. This makes him think that his wife might just be alive all these years. There is someone very powerful in the city who wants Elizabeth Beck to stay dead. Eight years ago she started unearthing information that threattens said powerful man's reputation. Have you read it? Do you like it?
  11. I am so happy that I have grown up on the West Coast of the U.S.....well, actually I do not think I could stand living in California, but the rest of the West Coast is ok. (Washington: Help, we're overrun with nerds and slackers!) I love the fact that Western Washignton has so many of my kind (Computer gods, Anime junkies, and rock music lovers. Such a good mix.). I'm off to go re-tape my glasses...
  12. Old Man And the Sea, The Birds, Where the Red Furn Grows, Catcher in the Rye, do you love them? Just because they say that these books are "Clasics" does that mean that everyone has to love them? Were there any books that you were forced to read as a child that you didn't like? Complain here!
  13. The site just screwed up and lost everything in my reply..... Heres the jist(is that right?) of it: I think Colour of Migic is something I would want to read, I'll go pick it up at the library after Anime Club. I have a large number of books in my backpack, there was a list, but I am too lazy to retype it. I have been e-mailing back and forth to one of the co-founders of Book Group Online about the sad state of the Children & Young Adult Forum. I will try to get it up and going as much as I can.
  14. It's coming out on my birthday! May 19th!!
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