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  1. I loved Gone Girl but wasn't that keen on anything else. She is wordy and only gets more so in each book!
  2. I own a lot of Dick Francis and I agree, they aren't great literature but they are great fun to read! The Edge is one of my favourites. Great plot and the setting really comes alive. My favourite character is probably Sid Halley.
  3. I have tried a couple of Robinsons but I wasn't overly keen. And I'm getting a bit fed up with young women being the victims all the time. Authors should use their imaginations a bit more.
  4. I'm sitting here amazed that my sign-in still works! It's been years! Hi, everyone. I'm Miranda and I just found the bookmark to this site. It's been a while since I was last here so I doubt anyone remembers me but if it's ok I shall have a mooch around. And sorry if this is in the wrong place but I couldn't find the Welcome thread......
  5. Honestly, the things some people do to books....... Coincidentally, I was sat on the train this morning and a woman sat opposite me turned over the corner on a page. And saw me wince. She blushed a bit but didn't turn it back! I'm usually a laid back person about how other people treat their own stuff but get almost OCD about books....
  6. I'd break your fingers if you did that to one of my books! I HATE people who deface books! It drives me nuts! Sorry but..... a highlighter! REALLY? Arrrrrggghhh!
  7. Children of Men is extremely good. But I can't remember the name of the author.... Day of the Triffids is very good. Ignore the recent TV travesty.
  8. Why has no-one mentioned Arthur C. Clarke? His books do vary but you have to read 2001. ACC is the opposite to PKD. Much more optimistic. And much nicer to his characters than Stephen Baxter. But all three are masters of the genre.
  9. If we start banning crime novels because of the possibility of inspiring real crimrs, we'd have to ban so many other things, there'd be hardly anything left! Psychos like that do what they do, banning books wouldn't stop them.
  10. I didn't have a drop and I enjoyed the sing song. Didn't get me free bun and cocoa though....
  11. I tend to arrange by genre, then author, then date of publication. But of course, this does tend to get slightly disarranged over time.........
  12. Sorry I haven't replied, I've only just found this thread again! I'm not normally that dippy.........
  13. I enjoyed the first one. It was quite funny and quirky. But then I read the third one and it was terrible! Formulaic and full of one-dimensional characters. And I kept thinking 'Well, that wouldn't happen!' I don't know what happened between first and third but I haven't bothered reading any more.
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