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  1. So, hoping this year will be better than last (but it can't be much worse!) RATING: *****5 stars - Outstanding! Brilliant! Highly recommended, read it, read it now! ****4 stars - Very good, recommended, ***3 stars - A good enjoyable read, read it if you want to, **2 stars - It was ok, not totally sure about it so don't blame me if you think its rubbish *1 star - Not good, just about readable but not recommended No stars - Utter crap, don't bother - should never have been published! (R) - Re-read FICTION: Finding Grace by
  2. It has just occurred to me that I never listed my reads for last year. I think we can all agree last year was unlike any other. It wasn't a good year for me I couldn't get 'into' books, to be fair I couldn't get into anything and as a result my list is quite poor and none really made any impression on me apart from Slash's autobiography. I may give a few of these another try this year to see if it was the book or just me not engaging. No stars - Don't bother! No words adequate to describe how bad this was. * - Barely readable not sure how it got published but managed to finish
  3. For what it's worth I would like to see the site continue. I'm not shy about posting reviews on books but I tend to only post reviews on books which I've either adored or hated no middle of the of the road this book was ok 'Meh' type reviews as I don't think they worth doing.
  4. Blimey! That's a roller coaster of a thread. I make one of my random periodical appearances and after reading all that I feel kind of guilty now that I don't drop by more often than I do. I've always liked this group but my reading habits are pretty hit and miss. It's all or nothing with me. I'm either reading nothing at all or devouring every book in sight. (I'm currently doing the latter at the moment which prompted my return). For what it's worth, I'm glad that the group appears to be carrying on.
  5. Possibly, but I don't think so, as IMO there really wouldn't be enough of a story there to make another book, and if they did it would just be milking it. It was just a number of basic unanswered questions mainly surrounding 'Kate' the woman who went to the cult. Questions which you had because the story had been so in depth and so well written. The story from the perspective of the family she left behind and the second wife was complete, you were just left thinking 'but what happened to Kate in the end?' and a simple epilogue answering them probably written from the daughters POV would've ju
  6. Another Prime Reading freebie and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed it I was slightly disappointed by the ending as to me it didn't, it just stopped with a number of unanswered questions. The premise of the story is a woman who leaves her family and joins a cult. Only to turn up again a number of years alter after the family she left behind has moved on. I have watched a number of documentaries on cults to know how they work and get into peoples heads and this felt very accurately written. I loved the in depth narration detailing everything and laying out the story and almost walking y
  7. This was a weird one. The premise of the story is a woman being cared for who has been in a coma for 12 years suddenly and unexpectedly gives birth. You automatically think that she has been violated by a seedy male member of staff, or someone who has broken into the facility where she is being cared for, however the truth is far more bizarre. This was a Prime Reading freebie and whilst it seemed to be more than a bit incredulous and the person who is responsible goes off into la la land at one point and partakes in some rather over the top responses to avoid being discovered. It
  8. Go Luna! I don't drop by very often as my reading habits tend to be all or nothing, and a lot of the time the books I've read don't actually warrant the time spent on a review but this is one of my periodical prodigal returns as I've just read a couple of books which I felt deserved a review one which has been an on going joke on this site and one which was seriously a good read. Anyway, less of my rambling well done Luna and good luck in your new role as moderator!
  9. This was not a book I would normally read. It was a gangland thriller and a story about two brothers living in London, one who was a complete psychopath and who ruled his patch with ruthless violence and varying levels of lunacy and the other who basically wants out and nothing more to do the family business after spending a number of years in prison. It was a freebie Prime Reading story which popped up due to the fact I'd read a couple of mafia stories so I picked it up with 'it's free so the what's the worst that could happen' attitude and it completely grabbed me from the first
  10. FREED By E L James Well, it had to happen. The book Freed by E L James has been released, which is the final instalment of FSOG told from Christian's perspective and if you read my previous review you will see I was actually looking forward to this one. Mainly because Fifty Shades Freed was the book which made me realise that this could've been a fabulous story if the author had any writing talent at all and going right back the beginning this book actually got into my head a bit. In Fifty Shades Freed of the original trilogy you saw just how vulnerable the character
  11. This year has been fairly decent reading wise, I managed a total of 36 books. Much less than last year but I have also been reading unpublished stuff on Wattpad and Wordpress. There is a lot of crap on there but if you are prepared to look you can find odd gems here and there. I haven't really seen any films this year as I haven't been to the cinema. But the telly has produced a number of excellent dramas. 2020 has a number of my favourite bands releasing new stuff but this year the stand out album for me was from Slipknot. REVIEW OF THE YEAR – 2019 Favour
  12. THE BALLAD OF READING GAOL By Oscar Wilde I He did not wear his scarlet coat, For blood and wine are red, And blood and wine were on his hands When they found him with the dead, The poor dead woman whom he loved, And murdered in her bed. He walked amongst the trial men In a suit of shabby grey; A cricket cap was on his head, And his step seemed light and gay; But I never saw a man who looked So wistfully at the day. I never saw a man who looked With such a wistful eye Upon that little tent
  13. I love that poem! Sadly I can't read it now without thinking of The Simpson's parody of it for their very first Halloween special You have to admit though, it is good! 🤣🤣🤣 Apologies for the derailment, here is my poem... Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen Bent double, like old beggars under sacks, Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge, Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs, And towards our distant rest began to trudge Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots
  14. I was never read to as a child as far as I can recall, (at home) - I was more encouraged to just read things for myself which I did. However, at primary school we had lessons where we were read to and I loved them. Now I love listening to audiobooks but to be fair would sooner sit down and read a book for myself.
  15. Just started reading Sweet Pea by C J Skuse it was a kindle book I picked up in one of the many offers they bombard you with. What sold me was the blurb... 'The last person who called me ‘Sweetpea’ ended up dead… I haven’t killed anyone for three years and I thought that when it happened again I’d feel bad. Like an alcoholic taking a sip of whisky. But no. Nothing. I had a blissful night’s sleep. Didn’t wake up at all. And for once, no bad dream either. This morning I feel balanced. Almost sane, for once. Rhiannon is your average girl next door, settled with h
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