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  1. This is the most recent book in the very good Inspector Sejer series, set in Norway. Ragna Reigel is an exceptionally isolated woman working in what sounds like a cheap department store. Both of her parents are dead and she lives in their house, as she has always done. She has one son from a liaison when she was very young, who was raised in that house and who has now moved away to Germany, never returning home and rarely contacting her. Suddenly, she begins receiving threatening messages and these messages and their true source plus her reaction to them explain why she is being questioned by Inspector Sejer at a prison. But the reader doesn't know what has happened until the very end. What I found compelling about this book was how the drip drip drip of information until you, as the reader, begin to suspect and then suddenly realize what is going on. This book ended up being very chilling and I am determined to read something a bit less emotionally challenging as my next book.
  2. Sounds very good, but they would be preaching to the choir with me. This whole wall on the border with Mexico is absurd and, unlike other border States, Texas has never been very excited about stopping the flow of immigrants. They do all the construction work, maintenance work, etc. and we know it. Apparently people it other states don't know it, but they can only be willfully blind. Several years ago, Arizona passed legislation that the police could stop and ask you to prove you were a citizen, which has never been done. Someone asked the then-governor of Texas, Rick Perry, if Texas were going to do that. And he said, "No, those kinds of laws aren't good for Texas." He's a right-wing Republican.
  3. I loved these books growing up. My father must have read me most of the stories a dozen times. My kids were never very interested, which disappointed me.
  4. I also enjoyed it a great deal, but found the beginning slow and dangerously close to chick-lit. But I knew that Mr. HG wouldn't steer me wrong and he didn't.
  5. My son and I spent last week in Crested Butte, Colorado. We hiked and saw beautiful mountains and wildflowers. But the MOST fun was a white water rafting trip that we took. We have done a lot of whitewater rafting over the years, but this was one of the more technical ones we've been on. It was very cold (we wore wetsuits under our splash gear and needed them) and it rained the whole time (hailed in the beginning), but our guide was terrific and we had 4 experienced rafters (and one couple in their 70s for whom it was their first trip--eeek) and my son is very strong, so the raft always had power. Our guide grew up in Chile and she runs rafting trips out of Pucon, which I have now added as one of my destinations I would like to visit. It's a long flight, but only one time zone different, so the jet lag is minimal. Maybe next year (or the one after or the one after that, etc.).
  6. Meg, your trip sounds exciting and exhausting. Momac, there are many people here who will help you with those tasks. When my mother died and we sold her townhome almost immediately, I hired a friend who does those kinds of things for a living and she held an estate sale and then donated anything my brothers and I didn't want (we didn't want much). She told me to NOT come to the garage sale because it would be depressing, so if you go that route, you should probably make yourself scarce, too. I am about to go on a one-week vacation to Crested Butte, Colorado with my son. We haven't (so far) had a bad summer, but it's downright cool in the mountains, which I'm sure will feel good.
  7. Just pre-ordered it for my tablet. It will arrive a few days after I get home from what I am hoping is a very relaxing vacation. I will just have to read other things.
  8. It's already ordered. If it can come earlier, it will. I love pre-ordering books--they just appear on my kindle. I just don't like waiting quite as long as they said I'd have to wait.
  9. Probably. I will look into that. No, seriously. It just might be a while.
  10. I have pre-ordered it for February 4, 2020. Sigh.
  11. I finished this a few days ago and really thought it was very good. Many of the stories are about how to respond to true tragedy, even more so if one is the responsible party. Thanks to Mr. HG for telling me about this book. Yet another book that I would never have read if it weren't for BGO. Also, I'm glad you moved to Australia because most of the authors that I've read because of you are not known in the U.S. at all.
  12. I'm much of the way through it and am very impressed. It has been very painful to read at times, but I am eager to finish it. The various characters are so compelling.
  13. Boy, Momac and Meg, you have been through it! My daughter and her fiance were married on Friday and the entire weekend was filled with festivities that included only the nuclear families (meaning 8 people). His parents had been sad about not having a big wedding, but by the end, his father said he could not have imagined anything nicer. They are having a big party in the Spring and we all toured the old house in a trendy part of Dallas to see where it would be. I think it will be wonderful. Meanwhile, we have had some horrendous weather. On Sunday, May 9, a huge storm blew up right over Dallas and many people had significant damage to trees (I had a tiny amount, but my neighborhood was hit very hard). Everyone I knew lost power. My power was out for 2 1/2 days. The weather was balmy, so that was fine, but I had frozen some things for the wedding breakfast on Saturday, the 15th and they had to be replaced. So much for preparing ahead. But I was able to have the breakfast, thank goodness. The newlyweds left for a honeymoon in Costa Rica on Sunday, the 16th and another storm, this time including tornadoes, came in yesterday afternoon. It ended up not having any impact on me except that I was on my way to yoga and turned around to shelter in a closet with the newlyweds' dog. I like him and all, but wish I had gotten to go to yoga!
  14. Hazel, it is very gratifying to think of you with a room like that. I was just thinking about David and his lovely sense of humor.
  15. Never heard of this before, but it IS tornado season in the area, so I guess it could be memorialized in this way.
  16. Normally when I try to order books from Australia, they just aren't available and then are expensive. I haven't started it yet, so we will see if something that inexpensive has a catch to it.
  17. Just bought it for $2.99 from Kindle. Sounds excellent.
  18. They are all good. I finished the last one about a month or so ago.
  19. My daughter and her boyfriend of 8 years are engaged! She does not want a big wedding, feeling that the Wedding Industrial Complex has gotten out of hand, with which view, I heartily agree. She and her fiance are getting married in the chambers of a judge Kenn and I know with only parents and siblings in attendance. They plan to have a big party some time in the next year. and have all of the friends and family together for that one event. No bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers, etc. I'm most impressed with their level-headedness.
  20. I read this for my new-to-me IRL book group and loved it. The book takes place in and around the fictional town of Holt, Colorado, which is in eastern Colorado, so not very close to the mountains--it's big wide open spaces. The book tells the story of the intertwined lives of some of the residents of Holt and the surrounding area. Each character is fully realized and has his or her own personality and manner of speaking. There are two old men in the story who could have sounded exactly alike, but I could immediately tell them apart based on their senses of humor and degree of brusqueness. All of the characters are like that. This is a very gentle book. There are a few bad actors, but most of the characters are doing their best to care for others and be kind and generous. Apparently, this is the first of a trilogy and I plan to read the next 2 books, although not before our book club meeting.
  21. Attended book club last night. Meal was good, discussion okay. No one just loved the book, not even the woman who picked it. The next book is Plainsong, which I hope I like better.
  22. That has been my experience with her. I enjoy the Jackson Brodie books pretty much (and like the dramatization), but for me, her books start out very well with lots of promise and then just fizzle out.
  23. Binker

    Have a Rant!

    Our soil is alkaline, so I don't bother with azaleas and such. People do grow them here, but the instructions are always to not let the roots touch the native soil. I can't be bothered. One of the things that is frustrating to those who want to plant them is that they grow really well JUST east of here. So it's the soil, not the weather.
  24. I will have to look at that book. I haven't read it and, as I've said before, I think you and I have similar reading tastes. I'm already plotting what I will choose for next March. One of the great things about BGO is that I am introduced to books that have not made their way across the pond, so I will probably pick a book like that. Unless I don't and pick an American writer no one else has read either (probably Susan Straight or Tim Johnston).
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