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  1. New Kindle advice needed!

    If I had to guess, the edge keeps you from accidentally doing what you don't mean to do by touching something you didn't know was there. I have the Samsung Edge phone (mis-named because there is no edge) and I have those problems constantly. So I think there is some value to having the edge since my Edge(less) is sort of nightmare to work with. I've gotten better over time, but I have to say that I really don't like it better.
  2. what is everyone doing?

    Momac, I did accept you and it was nice to see you there. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I thought I'd mention that I don't use Facebook for important personal announcements, especially that are not good. So I've never mentioned Kenn's cancer on it. He doesn't want me to and I'm not inclined to do so, either. Everyone else: Hope this is the last time FB-related post I need to make.
  3. what is everyone doing?

    Momac, I got a friend request from you on FB and I thought we were already friends. Is that really you or have you been hacked? Sorry to hijack BGO for this question, but I wasn't sure what else to do.
  4. Currently Reading

    I am reading Pachinko, which all my friends in book clubs having been raving about and am finding it rough going. The author tells more than shows, the characters have begun to act out of character, and there is way too much deus ex machina. I actually often don't notice these kinds of flaws, so they must be really bad for me to have spotted it. I think what people are finding eye-opening is that there was [actually, is] so much racism in Japan against Koreans. That doesn't surprise me at all because my grandmother grew up in Japan and mentioned it all the time. Also, one of the characters mentions how handsome Korean men are, which my grandmother also mentioned as a "prejudice." So this book is not a revelation for me. I would put it down (I may still yet), but one of my friends went on and on and on about it and I think she'd be sad if I didn't finish.
  5. There There

    As I understand it, "Native American" is a term coined by well-meaning white people, but most Indians prefer to be called "Indians." What they really prefer is to be called by the name of their tribe, but most outsiders can't manage that.
  6. Bleak House

    I read "Bleak House" long ago, but enjoyed the adaptation a great deal (the one Viccie refers to). I was just talking about it with a friend whose book club is reading Old Filth because I think Nathanial Parker would be a good "Sir" in the adaptation I hope someone makes of Old Filth. And I probably think that because of his portrayal of Skimpole. Must add this to the long list of books I need to re-read. Although I am re-reading Old Filth because I am going to that particular book club meeting.
  7. Called Wolf on a String in the U.S. Very confusing. Amazon denied knowledge of anything called "Prague Nights," which I thought was odd. So I looked it up and they changed the name just because, I guess. In any event, I just ordered it. Thank you!
  8. Trio

    Not available on amazon in the U.S. UGH.
  9. So did I. Beautiful illustrations. You should read the wikipedia article about it--there's a lot that's in common with this book, but different, too.
  10. Several times in this book, someone has referred to something being "East of the Sun, West of the Moon." That was a book we had in our home as a child (and I think I have it in the box of items from my mother's townhome). I remembered that it was a fairy tale with magical elements, so went and looked it up online. It's a folk story from Norway and there are a lot of similarities to this story.
  11. I'm most of the way through this and loving it. Very happy that it's part of a trilogy.
  12. Poetic Wanderings

    I, like most U.S. children of a certain age (not sure about my own children), learned this poem as a child and still remember the first 5 lines. "Gitchee Gumee" is Lake Superior, one of the great lakes up on the U.S./Canadian border. Thank you for posting this, meg.
  13. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    Lew Wallace was a Union General during the U.S. Civil War. Ben-Hur ended up being the best-selling American novel of the 19th Century, surpassing even Uncle Tom's Cabin. Wallace fought at the Battle of Shiloh, which is one of the big--and therefore terribly bloody--battles of the American Civil War. Wallace received a lot of criticism of how he handled the battle, but the blame has since been at least somewhat removed from him. After the Civil War, he served briefly in the Mexican Army, as the territorial governor of New Mexico, and as a diplomat to the Ottoman Empire. A lot of the men who served in the Civil War, particularly on the victorious side, had very interesting post-war lives. John Wesley Powell, who explored the Colorado River and wrote stunning books about it, lost most of his right arm at the Battle of Shiloh (wonder if he blamed Wallace), then undertook tons of exploration in western North America (later to become the western United States). He was very interested in the American Indians and gentle in his descriptions of him (no "blood-thirsty savage" language) and in conservation. He reminds me a bit of Robert FitzRoy in those qualities.
  14. Commonwealth

    Once again, Viccie and I have the exact same taste in books. Has anyone else read this?
  15. I just watched the first episode of this series, which is based on the second book in the series. I felt exactly the same way watching this episode as I did reading the book that it is based on: certainty that the main character was so careless with his life that he was always about to die. In the next episode (based on the first book) we will see what about his childhood engendered that carelessness. I thought it was excellent and despaired of anyone being able to translate that gorgeous language about terrible things visually, but they did. Has anyone else seen it?