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  1. I finally got my hands on this book and read it straight through except for a couple of weeks when it went missing at the house and so I read Rules of Civility. Even with the break, I loved the book. It did remind me how much I had enjoyed Gideon Mack and the thinking about the issues it presented. This book, also, makes you think about "trust the story" and also about the arc of a person's life, particularly someone who lives a long time, like Don. I learned a lot I had sort of vaguely known about the history of the time and didn't mind the political discussions. The only person who made me roll my eyes was Jean, who seemed so full of herself. I didn't mind the espousing left-wing views while living in inherited money. That's the description of most of the left-wingers in the United States, so I guess I've gotten used to it. I've recommended it highly to friends. This is the first time I've thought, "Oh, I've got to give this to Mom to read" only to realize that I can't.
  2. what is everyone doing?

    My mother's maid of honor died last week, just 2 months after my mother's death. She was also a friend of mine and my last contact with my mother's childhood. My mother grew up in Golden, Colorado and this friend stayed in the area. I stayed with her one summer and every time we went to Colorado on vacation, we would stop and she her and her husband. The news has made me very sad.
  3. Rest in Peace

    I was in Houston on the day Barbara Bush died. I would have bet money that she would outlive her husband, who always seemed so frail. Last year, I read a biography of George H.W. Bush by Jon Meacham (and heard Meacham speak about the book) and it was fascinating. I didn't agree with him on everything, but he really was an honorable human being. We wasted all of our extreme declarations of evil and incompetence on the Bushes and Reagan so that the accurate words were diluted by being applied to them when Trump was running for office. Now I just don't watch the news.
  4. Rules of Civility

    I just finished this and enjoyed it very much. Most of my friends think it compares unfavorably to A Gentleman in Moscow, but one liked it better. I really enjoyed both of them, although I admit that Gentleman is more charming.
  5. Rest in Peace

    I loved Hill Street Blues. Just the first few notes of the theme song takes me back to all of those beloved characters and stories.
  6. what is everyone doing?

    Your weather has been all over the news here. I guess "Beast from the East" is just too tempting a title. I'm glad that it seems that everyone is okay. My mother died suddenly and unexpectedly a week ago. She co-hosted a ladies' luncheon Thursday and was as right as rain. She had told her pastor (and no one else) that she was having some tests run on her heart and was concerned. I guess that must have been it because none of her other conditions were life-threatening. In fact, she was planning to go to the mountains on vacation this summer with my brother and his family. Instead, they are all coming to town for her service and to help as much as they can with her house. Then my brothers and I are flying to Miami to place her ashes with my father's. My brothers are flying back to Dallas to load up a U-Haul with what they are taking back with them and I am driving on to Orlando for a conference where I am, unfortunately, speaking. I will arrive a day early and think I will lie out by the pool (under an umbrella since I am a person of pallor) and take a few minutes to breathe deeply.
  7. Rest in Peace

    And that's one of the reasons I like him better than most of the famous evangelical pastors.
  8. Rest in Peace

    Billy Graham, American evangelist. Whenever I roll my eyes about Protestant evangelists, I make an exception for him. He wasn't perfect, but he was a lot better than the rest. His daughter is cut from the same mold, but not permitted to lead men (eye roll), so the job has fallen to his son, Franklin, who is a horse's ass.
  9. what is everyone doing?

    I realize this is an unpopular position, but I'm a big believer in gun rights, although I do not own any and probably won't. I cannot imagine the circumstances in which guns would be a lot more limited than they are now in the U.S.. The big issue I think is that people with untreated mental illnesses or drug or alcohol abuse problems also have free access to guns, so there are many proposals to prohibit them from obtaining guns. But nowhere in the U.S. is a list kept of people who have these problems and as a civil libertarian, I would not want such a list kept. So how would a back ground search for those issues be performed? And many of the shooters--particularly school shooters--are using guns that belong to family members who wouldn't be excluded by such a list. I think those people should be in a lot of trouble if their guns are used in that way, but the authorities hesitate to do it since they are in their own circle of hell having a child or grandchild who did something like that and may also be dead. The gun manufacturers are beginning to be able to make guns that will only work with the fingerprint of the purchaser, which would help a lot, I think, but the technology isn't quite advanced enough.
  10. The Mercy Seat

    As one of the only people I know who is opposed to the death penalty even if the person is guilty (which, to me, is an odd place for people to draw the line, but that's often where they draw it), I just had to go order this. I had to pre-order it which made me worried that the author was not an American, but she is. In my experience, even Americans who aren't from Louisiana have a hard time writing about Louisiana, but it sounds like Winthrop does a good job. I will report in when I finally read this (it's supposed to be auto-delivered on May 8).
  11. Viccie, did you know it's the first book in a Triology called "Winternight Trilogy." You've got Christmas covered for several years if your daughter is a patient reader. Which I am not. I'm not really a patient anything.
  12. Not surprisingly, given how much our tastes overlap, I loved The Night Circus, too. Going to order it now.
  13. what is everyone doing?

    I'm pretty sure I have a lot of potential entries for that list. One of the things I enjoy about BGO is that writing a review helps cement the book in my mind. Failing that, reading the review of others reminds me of the book.
  14. Munich

    I got it and read it and didn't like it as much as his other books. I am a big Churchill fan, which means I'm less of a Chamberlain fan, so maybe that was it. But I also read it in fits and starts so that's more likely explanation.
  15. Great recommendation! Already ordered it on my tablet. Odd what is available here and what is not.