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  1. So all of what you have heard is true, but I wasn't very badly affected. I did deal with rolling black outs and by the second day of that, my house got terribly cold as soon as the power went off, so I went and stayed with one of my friends (from my IRL book club). Her house is on a protected grid (near a power plant) and so she never lost power. She picked me up because I don't drive in this stuff (I've never really lived where it snowed--she's from Kansas City, where it's miserable every winter). It was sort of like a slumber party where one is anxious about something the whole time. I
  2. It was the trip of the lifetime. I posted a few pictures of me on FB and people kept saying, "you look so happy." They were right. I was extremely happy. Things have been bad in the U.S. for a while and it was wonderful to get away. I am cautiously hopeful for the future.
  3. I went to the Galapagos islands over Christmas and it was the best trip ever. I had to take multiple COVID tests before going and then self-isolated and tested again after i got back. I wore a mask and some really unflattering goggles during the flights down and back. The only place I was nervous about was the Miami airport, which i knew would be chaotic and it was. The flights were packed, which surprised me a bit. But due to my goggle/mask get up and efforts to distance from others, it was fine. The tourism industry has been non-existent over the last several months. I had
  4. I read those a while ago and loved them.
  5. Welcome. I am a huge William Boyd family and went to order Trio on my kindle, only to find I had already ordered it and it will appear, like magic, on January 19. I am looking forward to it.
  6. Katherine Anne Porter is one of the great writers of 20th Century America, despite a rather limited output (her personal life was so colorful that she must always have been distracted). I read something by her in high school, but I don't think it was this book. This book is really 3 novellas. The first one is called "Old Mortality" and tells the story of a family that includes 2 children, sisters, Martha and Miranda. Miranda at about age 20 is the main character in title novella, which takes place in Denver, Colorado when the 1918 flu pandemic hit there. Miranda's extended illness and hal
  7. I read an article that said that Trump is so fundamentally lazy that he will probably just hole himself up in Mar-a-Lago and try to make money with various TV shows. "Everyone knows" that the reason Melania didn't move to the White House right away is that she was re-negotiating her pre-nup, so I bet she's thrilled that she can get going sooner rather than later. Also, it is being reported that both Melania and Jared are pushing him to let go. But I think Trump marches to the beat of his own drummer. The count took so long and it became so clear that Biden was going to win that
  8. We will see. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the advice about having Thanksgiving dinner, but i have faith that that will work out. I've already made my turkey stock and done a test run with a maple cheesecake, which was delicious and will probably replace several desserts I've gotten tired of making. I never understand the politics of other countries or try very hard to figure them out, either.
  9. So we are still all on tenterhooks because once again, the pollsters were wrong. Last time, everyone said it was because they underestimated the hostility to Hillary Clinton, but that's obviously not the case here. I think Trump is such a repulsive personality that people who generally like his views just won't acknowledge that they are going to vote for him. Or something. I don't know. It felt a lot like the last election when I suddenly realized he was going to win and was shocked. Back then, I blamed myself for telling a hotel-keeper in Croatia that "there is no way Donald Trump will b
  10. The noise would not alarm me at all. In the end, there was no gun to be had, but I do have bear spray. That's probably better for me anyway. I don't hunt, but I do hike in areas that have bears and they always recommend bringing bear spray. I never knew where to find it. My foray into shopping for a gun informed me on that count. I always get a flu shot and have gotten it this year. I had the flu once and I never want to be that sick again. I guess we will see how this turns out.
  11. Here I am in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., where the weather is beautiful, but the feeling in the air is of tense anticipation--about the election, the response by the losing side to the vote, and the virus. As for the election, I prefer to vote on the date of an election, so that I feel connected to my fellow citizens. This year, I voted early, mostly to avoid a big wait, but also because of the war of words about counting all the votes. Several days ago, the number of early voters in Texas exceeded all of the voters in the last election. I am not sure what that says. The Democrats
  12. I loved this book and meant to post a review. Susanna Clarke is very talented at creating worlds in which to subsume oneself. And the main character is charming, always trying his best with the limited information he has..
  13. This is the fifth in a series, so I bought the first one and will report in.
  14. I just read it. It's terrific. She is quite a writer.
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