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  1. You proudly agree to sponsor an Armadillo called Gavin. Unfortunately this particular Armadillo likes to play fast and loose with your cash and builds up several thousand pounds in gambling debts with people that don't like to be kept waiting. As his sponsor it isn't long before you hear a knock on the door.... By the way Tess - good work with Chavhampton! I wish I could do the splits.
  2. Its me, fully recovered from my coma! Wishing for the warm location was a mistake really wasn't it? Your friends are all really hacked off with you because although they have all been whisked away from the humdrum everyday world and suddenly have masses of cash in their pockets that could easily be spent on fine foods and wine... they are alarmed at finding themselves on an unstable boulder in the middle of an active lava field. Still, as you await your crispy end you can explain what a nice thing you did including them in your wish. I wish it would snow properly in Southampton, but not so much as to keep me at work!
  3. These are half my top ten. Whilst they may no longer ring my bell, I loved them too much to pretend they weren't a favourite at a specific time. So in no particular order: Three men in a boat The Dark is Rising Must have read it about a hundred times at least and spent a sizeable part of childhood waiting for my 'powers' to kick in. The Discworld series For all the hours of pleasure Iain Banks - The Crow Road, Espedair Street Mythago Wood series What a fantastic idea, wish I had thought of it.
  4. No chance he was in drag? I'm going to have to accept I got that wrong aren't I....
  5. MMMmmmnnnnn toasties. What a foody bunch we are.... a recipe thread that is solely interested in methods of toasting bread. What of the hideous injuries inflicted by scalding hot tomato sauce shooting out of the edge of the sandwich?
  6. Omega - yes! I did feel the same way, but I couldn't bring myself to do it either. Maybe they should be printed as free book marks with novels like this and Tolkein etc.... Hey can I trademark that idea? As an aside I managed to overcome phobia of damaging books, but only with academic texts... I always appreciated other people's notes and scribbles in the margins and would add my own. Often looking back fairly useless observations, but there you go!
  7. I think I have spotted a flaw here! I am going to read everyone else's list and agree with them... I have already revised one attempt by thinking 'How could I have ignored 'Diary of a Nobody'.... 'Three men in a boat' was already there....I also really liked the Spellsinger series.... Then again I love Austen too.... Arrrgh! If I am absolutely honest I suppose the books I re-read most often are from Diskworld. Again, they aren't necessarily my favourites but certainly if they had a counter on the front cover it would probably frighten me. They are so easy to dive into and help switch the brain off for a while - which is excellent for bed time reading.
  8. HANG ON! So Noel Streatfield was a woman?! Oops... hope I haven't embarrassed myself with lack of knowledge of that nugget of information!
  9. Your vineyard in Chernobyl looks very pretty... although the grape size is a bit alarming and you're sure one of them just winked at you. Better jusht haff another glash of (hic)... snore. I wish I could resist corrupting other people's wishes!
  10. I think everyone is just scratching their heads about what to leave out... Perhaps if it became which book have you reread most often it might be easier.... Still thinking....
  11. Clip clop clip clop... the Knight arrives to whisk you off your feet but unfortunately the suds from your washing up rust his armour. He grinds to a clanking halt unable to move. I wish I had a fantastic singing voice.
  12. In a similar yet less entertaining vein: Conversation with Jaqueline Wilson: ME: That will be £30 please JW: There you are ME: Thankyou very much JW: Thankyou. I was working for the day at a childrens book fair. She bought stacks of the competition....
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