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  1. i love the musical not sure i could read the book just because when i have watched the movie versions i'm really disppointed cause noone breaks into song. think i would be half expecting that when i was reading though the book.
  2. a short history of tractors is very funny and unusual i laughed out loud a few times. haven't read les miserables and just couldn't get into the pirates daughter.
  3. just posted my own thread about this book as i never noticed this one. what a great book this was. i couldn't put it down. can anyone reccomend any other books but this author.
  4. has anyone read the book of lost things by John Connolly. i really enjoyed this book but haven't met anyone else that has read it. if you like fantasy with a lot of fairy tale i really have to reccomend this book
  5. i would thourghly reccomend reading wuthering heights. i have read sooooo many times anytime i dont have a new book to read i go back to it. i am fascinated by how fascinated i become by two characters i would describe as very unlikeable. anyway have just started reading a tale of two cities. finished oliver twist recenlty and although i enjoyed it found it quite difficult to get through.
  6. looking forward to the film. only problems i have with films is that there always spoiled for me cause i read so many books and when i watch the film i'm always let down.
  7. hi sandy i read that the time travellers wife a couple of years ago. i remember really enjoying it but i think i remember becoming a bit confused at times and having to jump back to previous parts of the book.
  8. hi just new here and trying to feel my way about. i pretty much read anything but favourite genre is fantasy, however right now i'm reading a tale of two cities. hoping to get some ideas and inspiration for new books to read from this site.
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