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  1. Thanks for the Memories - Cecilia Ahern
  2. Im still battlling with an awful head cold Ive had for over a week...quick browse then ANOTHER early night for me Twinkle xx
  3. Spoooooky or what?? Ive just ordered this book online!! Twinkle xx
  4. Twinkle


    I dont commute as such either just buses as I work fairly close to home!! I love London too and I havent always lived here Im Essex born and bred Twinkle xx
  5. Twinkle


    I actually live in Greenwich so Im gonna be biast there of course! As I live so close to the West End etc would you believe I never go near it.....its a tube ride away from me but rarely do I leave Greenwich how bad is that I live very close to the O2 Complex so of course I love it there!! Twinkle xx
  6. Thank you David!! Today she has enrolled for another year to do the NVQ level 1 in Childcare so its all going great!!! Twinkle xx
  7. I hope no one minds me sharing this being as Im so new here but Im soo happy right now!! My 17 year old daughter struggled at secondary school as she is dyslexic she is not severe but its confidence she lacks!! Last September she enrolled at college on a Foundation course in childcare (the CACHE one) and flourished...today we got the results of all her hardwork she has passed with distinction...this is an achievement for anyone but for my daughter its such a huge step. I am soo soo proud right now!! Thanks for letting me share Twinkle xx
  8. Good luck hope the first day goes well Right now Im enjoying having a browse on here in peace....its the first of my 2 days off...............everyone gone out..hubby/son back at work and my daughter has gone to enrol on her new course and then is going to Bluewater shopping with a friend!! House needs tidying but heyyy whats the rush eh lol Twinkle xx
  9. Im just browsing for a while (still lol) then Im gonna go get lost in my book Twinkle xx
  10. Today I bought a copy of P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern and Im now reading that instead of the book I read about ten pages of! 3 chapters in and Im enjoying very much....just having a rest to have a surf on here!! Twinkle xx
  11. Just having one last browse before bed....work again tomorrow Twinkle xx
  12. Well I think Im gonna read The Host by Stephanie Meyer...but still undecided Twinkle xx
  13. Im on contract and due for an upgrade...when I rang TMobile I asked if I could upgrade free to any Iphone they said £99+ so have changed my mind! Without hijacking thread I need to update to a phone with touchpad keypads as Ive recently been dx with severe arthritis.....can anyone recommend one? Twinkle xx
  14. Could you make up my mind for me though....4 books all shouting read me at me arghhhhh!!!!!! LOL Twinkle xx
  15. Go on request it....you know you want to lol Twinkle xx
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