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    Born in Essex. Going to university in September. I'm a culture vulture.
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    Reading, Writing, Films and Sport
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  1. Just started this one, was made into a 1997 Spanish film by auteur Pedro Almodovar. Is it any good? I loved the film! But that's a very loose adaptation.
  2. Hello, I'm Kieran [Leopold]. I'm 22, from Essex in England. My favourite authors are Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Bret Easton Ellis, Jim Thompson, Ian Fleming, JD Salinger, William Faulkner, well there's plenty more.... Anyway, anyone want to get to know me just msg me. I love films and literature. Two of my passions. And sport too...
  3. yeah I love it... never really thought about the ageing? perhaps they have not.
  4. Is this book as good as everyone said it was?
  5. I'm a massive fan of this writer. So dark and misanthropic, experimental and very intelligent. Unfairly dubbed a dime-store Dostoyevsky, I really love his work. My personal favourite is Savage Nights. :-)
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