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  1. I agree with all of the above - it is well crafted and there is no padding - out. Buy- to - let investors in the UK will no doubt identify with Wilhelm's despair as his investment falls through the floor
  2. I quite enjoyed it until the ending, which i thought was ridiculous. Same with 'Saturday'. I may try him one more time though.
  3. Early on, Holloway was faintly amusing but then he had to completely overplay it with his rent-a-quip 'humour' - started believing his own publicity. Probably the funniest episode was his leaving of Plymouth 2 days after professing his love for the club........then almost crying on tv after taking Leicester down. Muppet.
  4. will this silly man never shut up?
  5. I agree this is an absolutely outstanding book. I was drawn to it by the title, which is smewhat poetic in itself. I appear to be in a minority who guessed the nature of the tragedy early on, but that did not diminish the horror as it - slowly - unfolded. A book that stays with you, this.
  6. I've had most of the songs from The Wedding Present's 'Take Fountain' album bashing away in my bonce for a few weeks now. Right now my brain's playing 'It's For You'.
  7. if they are not fond of sharing why are they your friend?
  8. Provoked? Not likely. Bored? Certainly. So what if whatever person / paper thinks this is the top 50? Why should anyone care? Presumably its to get people writing in to argue for their choices so they have to buy the blasted paper every day to see if they are in it!
  9. happy new year to all (sorry I can't make this as fun as Momo's)
  10. i think that what began as a charming series of books has become a mildly exploitative industry, wringing every last drop of revenue from his memory. The books are being updated, fine, but please no more coffee table books or walking with wainwright tv programmes. I expect the old curmudgeon would have disapproved.
  11. This book made a massive impact on me. The sheer brutality of the conflict and the numbers of lives shattered is astounding.
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