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  1. I love how in this book nearly everything everyone, especially Lord Henry, says is extremely witty or profound. Sure, it's not the most realistic dialogue, but it makes for a fantastic read.
  2. This book is my favorite of all time. I'm hounding my boyfriend and mother to read it right now. The foreshadowing is what really made it for me, and Owen's distinct characterization. This novel really pulled me into John Irving. I just finished Son of the Circus and A Widow For One Year. So far, he hasn't let me down. Has anyone else seen the movie it was loosely based on? It's called Simon Birch. It's so completely different, but good in it's own way. (I cry every time I watch it.) I dunno. It's one of those movies where you love it, and then you read the book and it's just not the same.
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