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  1. I had 100's and 100's of Take That posters up on my wall, along with all the other stuff (Mugs, pencil cases etc) but when Robbie decided to leave, I wasted no time been upset but decided it was only a matter of time before they broke up, sold off all of my stuff in a mini jumble sale and made over £150 pounds!!! Very Rosourceful!!
  2. Glued to a very uncomfortable chair and made watch every second of the last 11 painful, cringeworthy weeks!!!!!
  3. Almost finished The Lovely Bones, and it is so sad, I am really enjoying it and don't want it to end, every time I think of her Father I feel like bursting into tears!! I can't find any thread on it, does anyone know if there is one and if so where it is? Thanks
  4. Hay Bill, I'd also love a copy, sounds just like my kind of book! I think you have my address already
  5. LOL!!! I have to agree with you!!
  6. Oh my god how right you are, any of the French drivers I have come accross are dreadful and terrifying the words 'pedestrian crossing' mean nothing to them at all!!!!! Have to say aswell that while in more than one cab in Manchester I was also a little green upon leaving!!! If it had of been just one I would have thought nothing of it, but every cab!!! Is it a Manchester thing or was I just very unlucky?
  7. When i was younger I always used 'pacifically' instead of 'specifically' was very young though and didn't really know what context to use it in or what it really ment!!! The one that annoys me the most is when sombody says 'I'm not been mean BUT....' or 'I don't want to be mean BUT....' it really annoys me, why bother say anything at all?
  8. 'Love and Peace or Else' by U2, refused to listen to any U2 again because I could not get tickets to go see them so I was a little bitter and whenever I heard them it just made me upset and mad!! But my wonderful brother got me a ticket to go see them on the 27th so now I have not stopped listening to them in preperation!!!!
  9. Not ever been that unlucky for me, have had a few Birthdays on Friday 13th, they were more bad luck for other people (people been attacked by a hive of bees, people falling into wells etc. they were always fine though) , but I always had a great day, met my ex on Friday 13th, that could be seen as bad luck but at the time it was not, maybe bad luck for him though , won money on a scratch card on another one!!! All in all Friday 13th seems to go quie well its all the other days that are bad luck me thinks!!!
  10. Hay i was right!!!! Why would they not let you use that word???? Is that a bad word and nobody ever told me????
  11. Thanks a million, the poem at the end there is lovely I'll show her that one, the link though is not wroking!
  12. Hay there i need some help, I'm looking for some nice Love Poems for a friends wedding, its not for the church bit or anything its for the reception, kind of like a keep sake thing for each place setting if you know what I mean?I love 'George Herbert - LOVE ' but don't think its suitable, its not really about that kind of love is it?
  13. Hay look at poor little old Ireland, whatever we have done to them all I don't know, but they won't even let us in it anymore!!! Even though we were not very good there were a few who did get through that were just taking the ya know!!!! And the poor Netherlands the women had as great voice and she should of gone through even before Ireland!! Its all very unfair I have to say!! But it is worth watching just to listen to Terry and over on our side we also have Marty he is really becoming a bit of a Terry and will now say anything!! Its great fun flicking them over and back, i'm starting to think they are swaping notes!!
  14. I read Fantasy, Myth, Sci Fi, Romance and Classics, so what does that mean I'm looking for then? ('The One' who is a bit like Mr. Darcy, but who I'll never find because he is all in my head or is some kind of robot from the future?) Actually that sounds about right On holiday it would be mostly Fantasy and Romance I'd read!!
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