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  1. I remember being very fascinated with Robert Browning in my early adulthood. The Victorian period was a time of flux for poetry since it was largely the age of the novel. Most Victorian poets were highly experimental and people still turned to the Romantics like Wordsworth and Byron, who remained popular. Then along came Browning who alarmed his Victorian readers with psychological – and sometimes psychopathic – realism, wild formal experiments, and harsh-sounding language. But, it is these qualities, however, that make his poems like My Last Duchess so attractive to today’s readers. Read it a
  2. For me, one of the most touching poems I have read lately (and yes, I have to admit as part of my course material) was Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130. Like most of his other sonnets, this one is also about love. It is in fact an expression of his love and he states that in order to express love, one has to talk about it and examine it. The poem deals with his ideas about where love comes from and how it can be found inspite of any physical flaws. This I found the most touching aspect of the poem.
  3. I agree with you. Middlemarch – as a novel – has it all and Dorothea is a wonderfully complex character. In fact, George Eliot was famous for creating characters that have a lot of psychological depth. There always seems to be a whole lot of personality below the surface of what's being shown by the narrator or by the character's actions. While reading the book, you feel that Dorothea is a real, thinking, feeling person, and not just a collection of words and descriptions created by George Eliot.
  4. Reading it aloud makes all the difference to the poem. The poem repeats the same refrains over and over and the circling pattern gets almost dizzy at times. But Eliot was a master of manipulation and his reader is taken only so far and drawn back into the circle once again. In addition, the simple rhymes work in distracting us from the intent of the speaker. Eliot was a genius and this poem; I feel proves the point better than others.
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