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  1. Perhaps 'tis time to state the obvious - anyone here with treasured memories of Will Scott's wonderful series, or with access to even one of his Cherrys books, is qualified to help build this thread..... 'Aurélien Arkadiusz'
  2. A number of the tales by this famous science-fiction author have horror elements. Many of them are most easily found in Baen editions put out a few years ago. As S F or Horror, Schmitz tales tend to have a unique flavour of their own. 'Aurélien Arkadiusz'
  3. Glad to hear that my on-line activities haven't crossed the line, David. 'Aurélien Arkadiusz'
  4. Good heavens, David. Old Aurélien has posted on Will Scott's marvellous 'Cherrys' series of children's books on several websites, occasionally even copying over a post with only slight modifications. I never realised that this might make me 'an object of suspicion' to any site administrator. Not that I have a constantly changing ISP address or, for that matter, anything other than my own thoughts on books to promote. How do I hold a book when reading it? With two hands, and due respect for the book, naturally. 'Aurélien Arkadiusz'
  5. Even more unusual, Cornish Maed, is the high degree of accurate meshing between all the maps and illustrations, together with their faithfulness to Will Scott's texts. This in an era when it was not at all unusual for cover and spine illustrations, maps and plans, and line-drawings within the body of a 'mere' *patronising sneer* children's book to contradict each other! And artist Lilian Buchanan maintains this consistency throughout the entire 14-book series, enabling the reader to consult the maps and illustrations in the other books in the series to check up on a point in the 'Cherrys' book that he/she is currently reading. Good luck with your children's literature course. Non-sneerer, 'Aurélien Arkadiusz'
  6. I'm not familiar with the webpages you mention, Cornish Maed. Of course, the whole area will be now so urbanized that walking around St. Mary Cray may be of less help than one would like. Perhaps a combination of drawing upon your memories whilst consulting 60 to 80 year-old 6" to the mile Ordnance Survey maps of the area might serve. As an enthusiast for (domestic) architecture down the ages, I find that rectangular two-storied building on the north side of North Bank Road, and fronting on to Marigold Passage, rather intriguing. Not being on the High Street it is unlikely to be either a cinema or a bank. The fenestration (arrangement of the windows, best seen on the rotated map in #4 'THE CHERRYS & THE PRINGLES') clearly shows that 'tis not a house. About the only possibility I can come up with is a purpose-built little theatre. Would such a building be included if the map was 100% invented? The best of fortune with your project. ‘Aurélien Arkadiusz’
  7. Westlake's 'Parker' books are indeed played straight as a dark and violent ('noir') series, with only Parker's loyalty to his (second) woman giving this coldly self-centred pro criminal a chance to show any sort of softer side. 'Aurélien Arkadiusz'
  8. Greetings Scubaman. Myself, I read the first few 'Cherrys' titles whilst still a child, but was grown up well before #14 was released. As a pensioner I could never afford to buy in Will Scott's 14 'Cherrys' books these days. 'Tis certainly true that a respectable number of copies were exported out here to New Zealand, but only rarely do battered copies turn up in local booksales. My own collection I purchased new, over a 2- 3 year period, in my early twenties. Must say that if it felt a little, well odd to be buying children's books at that period of my life, I've since come to bless the impulse that caused me so to do. A tribute to the lasting impact of this wonderful series. Not in my collection, I'm sorry. Did you mean 'The Helicopter Children' by Denise Hill (Pied Piper Books, 1967) or the earlier book of the same title by Lucy W. Bellhouse (Harrap, 1956)? ‘Aurélien Arkadiusz’
  9. Welcome, Cornish Maed. Living so far away from the UK, I have never been able to do any Cherrys research on the ground in Kent and adjacent counties. Anything you can come up with will help us build this thread. ‘Aurélien Arkadiusz’
  10. Apparently the ship named in 'Roseanna' (the Diana, from memory) hasn't yet fallen apart and all these years later is still taking tourists along the Göta Kanal between Göteborg (Gothenburg) and Stockholm. It seems that there are three antique motor ships doing this, the other two being the Juno and the Wilhelm Tham. Motala is roughly in the middle of the journey, which takes in two lakes (Vänern and Vättern) as well as a stretch of the Baltic Sea. At least some American women who have read the book, and then take this canal boat trip unescorted, might well wish that they had been permitted to bring their Uzis with them..... Swedish holiday, anyone? ‘Aurélien Arkadiusz’
  11. Is it just me, or would others here have joined in my cheers if the two-legged animal committing these crimes had happened to fall off his apartment balcony, onto his head, very early in this book? If that spoiled the plot, for once I wouldn't have minded. "Aurélien Arkadiusz'
  12. And, no, I'm not referring to his various non-fiction treatises - especially those on mathematics - though, if you happen to be a mathmetician, don't let me discourage you from trying.... Apart from acrostics, a mass of juvenalia (from 'The Rectory Umbrella' etc), and the Rev. C. L. Dodgson's letters, there are the two failed 'Sylvie & Bruno' fantasies. I would argue that, once in their lives, every reader of weird and wacky fantasy should find the time to plough through as much of this as they have the stomach for. Why? Well, because there are some real gems of fantasy literature to be happened upon there. You might even find what this Dodgson effusion is supposed to be about: "Two chokes, one howl, A stifled growl, It died without a struggle, And the only sound That was heard around, Was its last, expiring, guggle".
  13. One of the supposed copyright sidelights that I've never seen clearly defined is the 'limited copyright protection' (not the correct legal phrase) that publishers either have, or claim they have, when they reprint a book that is in the public domain. Is it all bluff? Or does a publisher truly acquire (under either international copyright laws, or the copyright laws of some countries) the right to ban e-texts, or even extensive photocopying from the original edition of such a book, once they have brought out a new edition? If I sound confused, that may be because some publishers have found it in their interest to squirt out a mystifying fog of vaguely threatening uncertainty, in much the same manner that a squid squirts out a cloud of ink in order to evade pursuit. There are scarce, older editions of vintage mystery and detective books, the only accessible copy of which could be found in the bookstacks of your local library. But librarians will intervene to prevent even sturdily-bound stack copies from being taken to the photocopier. It is noticeable, too, that all those threatening notices about copyright violation posted on the walls around library photocopiers conspicuously fail to mention that some older books could be in the public domain and that, therefore, it just might be legally permissable to photocopy the whole text. Any lawyers here, specialising in intellectual property rights, please don't be shy about responding. The slightly tongue-in-cheek ‘Aurélien Arkadiusz’
  14. Readers who choose to read about violent crime - in both true-life crime books and crime fiction - are at least consciously deciding to do so. Indeed aspects of our Society today are very, very sick but I would suggest that this can be better blamed on 3 other elements: 1. Sensationalism in the popular press and on the TV news, daily served up into our living rooms. 2. Political correctness taken to insane levels. 3. The long-lasting, pervasive impact of the outrageous views of that extremely warped psychologist, Sigmund Freud. If you give some thought to the ways in which our world has changed for the worse since your grandparents were young, you will be able to come up with your own examples.
  15. A quick trawl through the web disclosed that the term 'Biblio Mysteries' had been coined to describe such books. Two of the web-links I found were: http://www.wilmette.lib.il.us/readersservices/bibliographies/murdermysteries.php http://www.bibliomysteries.com/
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