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  1. I've got my copy of the whole thing and will read it eventually.
  2. I've just finished reading this and thorougly enjoyed it. I made a conscious decision not to rush through it so that I could savour it. What an accomplished novel for a 23 year old! The prose was amazing and the characters, I felt, were well drawn and how unusual to use a deaf/mute as a central figure. Life in the deep south during, I got the impression, the depression. Fantastic!
  3. Drona was a great teacher of archery He taught it to Pandavas and kauravas Arjuna was his favourite disciple He liked him for his pious principle Drona promised to make him the best In any form of archery test One day A tribal came to Drona And requested him to teach the craft The master asked him for his caste The tribal revealed the fact Drona told him he would teach only the upper-caste And leave the place in great haste The Tribal,Ekalavya, Made an idol of his master And became an invincible archer Drona and Arjuna came to the forest The former consi
  4. The Heart is a lonely Hunter, Carson McCullers
  5. From Amazon because they can do it better than me : Young, attractive and very ambitious, George Duroy, known to his admirers as Bel-Ami, is offered a job as a journalist on La Vie francaise and soon makes a great success of his new career. But he also comes face to face with the realities of the corrupt society in which he lives - the sleazy colleagues, the manipulative mistresses and wily financiers - and swiftly learns to become an arch-seducer, blackmailer and social climber in a world where love is only a means to an end. Written when Maupassant was at the height of his power
  6. Went to see my doctor and he told me to lose weight I said "you must be joking" "I'm feeling really great!" He reached down to my shoes And he then untied my laces "Now, Mr. Turner, tie them up" "And don't make funny faces" "I want to hear your breathing" "As you try to tie them up" "It'll will be quite exhausting" "And you'll feel like throwing up" I said "Doc, you must be joking" "of your test I have no fear" But as I bent on over My feet both disappeared I said "What is that thing there?" "It's blocking out my view" He said "that large o
  7. This is an extremely good book. It's Victorian Gothic fiction and a murder mystery. It has plenty of plot twists with one at the very end that had me guessing, incorrectly, right until the very end. A victorian silhouette artist struggles with her health and numerous deaths that happen and seem to be connected to her. She consults a spirit medium in the hope of finding out who the murderer is and what happened to her lost love. The story isn't as simple as that but I don't want to put in any spoilers. This is a convuluted and complicated page turning story set in Bath during th
  8. You are welcome, Heather. Can you not join Book Club Forum (Book Club Forum) and we can start a poetry thread over there?
  9. Determining that something is not easy Inspiring yourself to try a new way or change your mindset Finding parts of yourself that you did not know were missing Following through using practice, trial, error and tribulation Imagining a diverse, unfamiliar, or new way of doing something Creatively calling forth all of our available resources, family and friends Understanding better what others may have already experienced Learn to be flexible through necessity, often kicking and screaming Tenaciously attempting to prove yourself or master something new You come through and congr
  10. The second in a trilogy of books that started with Small Spaces. This was as well written as the other one with a believable story and well rounded characters. This was also aimed at 10 - 12 year olds so I'm not sure if the contents would be too scary or scary enough but I enjoyed it and it was something of an original plotline.
  11. I'm sure that we'll get used to it. As for the most recent posts you can click on the Activity tab at the top of the page (next to the Browse tab) and that tells you the most recent activity or at the right hand side there's an All Activity tab which does the same thing. Also, when you log in there's an unread content tab. I prefer it the way we've set it up too.
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