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  1. Well written, well researched and Victorian and Gothic - although set in 1906 is a touch after the Victorian era but conditions would have remained the same. No twists in this novel but it was easy to read and entertaining, which I what I wanted. Maud is confined to the Asylum and is treated in what was becoming even then an old-fashioned and somewhat brutal way. A new doctor arrives and hypnotises her and that's when things start to change. Maud then remembers what's been done to her and is deemed cured, even by the doctor who confined her, and is let out. She then decides to check her memory and goes back to the house where she worked before she was confined.
  2. I will. ETA From the research that I did this book hangs on the translation. Apparently the D.P. Costello translation is good but doesn't really give the nuances needed for the book (so they say!)
  3. Just bought The Blind Owl (Authorized by The Sadegh Hedayat Foundation - First Translation into English Based on the Bombay Edition) Paperback – 1 Nov. 2011by Sadegh Hedayat (Author), Naveed Noori (Translator). I will really need to keep away from Goodreads recommendations, 🙂 the TBR was out of control a long time ago!
  4. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell: Susanna Clarke
  5. The Women's Prize for Fiction 2021 Winner It is our great pleasure to confirm Piranesi by Susanna Clarke as the winner of the Women's Prize for Fiction 2021. I have already read this and it is amazing. Highly recommended
  6. Maldoror : (Les Chants de Maldoror), Conte De Lautreamont , Translated by Guy Wernham (Surrealist fiction, apparently)
  7. Just bought Mosaic Crochet Workshop: Modern geometric designs for throws and accessories out on paperback 14 Sept. 2021 by Esme Crick and Pierre and Jean by Guy de Maupassant. Also, The Asylum by Karen Coles
  8. Excellent book. I didn't want to read it because it got such great reviews and then I found it on sale in the supermarket so bought it on impulse. I'm glad I did. Totally original and very well written, I literally couldn't put it down. Always loved Shakespeare at school and a fictitious account of his family life was more welcome than I imagined. An easy read and very compelling. Recommended.
  9. The Florentines: From Dante to Galileo by Paul Strathern and Modern Guide to Textured Crochet: A collection of wonderfully tactile stitches by Lee Sartori
  10. Fifth in the Frey and McGrey series, this one is about McGrey's consultant clairvoyant who ends up accused of six murders and is set to hang for them. The explanation is as convoluted as the story but it's a wonderful romp through 1800s Edinburgh and the spiritualist things that were then believed with an astonishing forensic science obviously in it's infancy but none the less growing. Recommended
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