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  1. Rest in Peace

    Philip Roth, 85
  2. Currently Reading

    Bleak House, Charles Dickens
  3. Rebecca

    I was shocked to find that this year is the eightieth anniversary of Rebecca. I knew that it was a classic and 'old' but I had no idea it was that old!
  4. My Cousin Rachel

    I have now finished My Cousin Rachel and loved it. I did guess the ending but it's an old book and the ending was suitable satisfying anyway. I guessed that it was set in Cornwall and I kept expecting a Poldark to be mentioned. I thought that it was an atmospheric book and loved the fact that the plot twisted and turned - I did not guess that Rachel would return the jewels to Philip's lawyer and am not sure of her motives, for example - and loved the fact that the reader gets to decide for themselves if Rachel is guilty, if Rainaldi is a bad influence, whether Philip would come to his senses or not. It's a classic book as it should be and will be worth reading again. I still have a few other Du Maurier books to look forward to.
  5. what is everyone doing?

    It turns out that Tesco raised the £30,000 for the scanner and are now on to a different charity. £30,000 in just about a month, amazing! Paper books will never go out of fashion
  6. Patrick Melrose

    Not yet, I thought that I had set it to record but it hasn't so will have to get it on catch-up TV. Looking forward to it. I haven't read the books, though
  7. what is everyone doing?

    Putting pebbles in posts deters the squirrel from digging, I do that all the time. I'm not a fan of distraction feeding so don't know if that works.
  8. what is everyone doing?

    Well done Momac. I'm glad to report that there have been no more wasps in the house for which I'm eternally grateful! Here's hoping that we don't end up with a nest this year, after all that.
  9. what is everyone doing?

    We went forest bathing today for the first time this year. My father is very happy.
  10. Currently Reading

    My Cousin Rachel, Daphne Du Maurier
  11. what is everyone doing?

    Our windows certainly need to be done and we will get to it eventually. I put out 7 wasps in total yesterday and was brave enough to have a shower this morning. I sincerely hope that there are no more wasps today! My brother went up the loft when he came home and thoroughly looked round. He saw nothing and heard nothing so if there is a nest it's not up there.
  12. what is everyone doing?

    My resolve is being tested today. I have already put out four wasps and no idea if there are more. The wasp destroyer assures me that there is no nest - and I did look round the outside of the house and did not see a possible nest site - because they don't start nesting until June/July. He says, for some reason the queens are waking up early and can't nest just now so are destined to die. Woefully, he can't do anything about it and neither can I! Just keep putting them out when I find them and hope for the best. He recommended bug spray but we don't have any and I'm not inclined to spray something like that in the toilet anyway. We'll just have to be careful!
  13. Currently Reading

    Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus. As recommended by Dan, ages ago. Love it already!
  14. The City and The City (TV adaptation)

    Just seen the first episode and glad to say it is indeed very good and sticking fairly closely to the book.
  15. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    Cute Crocheted Animals, Emma Varnam