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  1. I just took delivery of The Children's War and boy is it a big book! It seems fitting to me that when I joined BGO everybody was discussing this book and how Meg had cut it up because she couldn't hold it and now, when BGO is finishing it's the book I've just taken delivery of. I won't be cutting it up but I will have to be careful with it, it's 1,168 pages long so I'll have to get creative in how I handle it when I want to read it.
  2. I must admit that I had noticed the lack of traffic recently. I have very much enjoyed my time here and I thank most profusely Admin and Mods for keeping us running for all these years and I have no doubt that it was a difficult decision to make, so thanks for that also. See you on Facebook.
  3. The Shape of Darkness, Laura Purcell and The Desolations of Devil's Acre: Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs
  4. Well I'm shocked! I spend a fortune on Amazon and was under the impression that I was using BGO's link. Even although it was only 5% I blindly thought I was keeping the board going all by myself. Clearly not. And I'm here several times a day. Oh well, if that's the decision then that's the decision.
  5. Thanks for that, Tag. I love books like that and have read a few.
  6. I just bought this, as a result of your post. In paperback, secondhand for an all in price of £12.55.
  7. History of a Drowning Boy, Dennis Nilsen. The serial killer's autobiography.
  8. This book is a) aimed at 10-12 year olds so I wasn't expecting to be scared by it and I wasn't and b) the first of a trilogy. It's a nice story about ghosts and living scarecrows, well written with rounded characters and a believable-ish story line. Recommended
  9. This is a long book, some 609 pages so a time commitment, as is reading anything, tbh. The story is set just before the second world war ends and is about a farming family who are more or less illiterate who have to move from their farm in Kentucky to the relatively big city of Detroit. Although the husband/father finds work and works regularly life is still hand to mouth because they now have rent and other bills to pay (all painfully unfamiliar). The book describes how unfamiliar they all are with the concept of having electricity in the house, having a radio, having gas in th
  10. For those who are interested, Katherine Arden (of Winternight fame) has three new books : Small Spaces, Dead Voices and Dark Waters (to be released in August this year), a new trilogy.
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