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  1. The Firework-Maker's Daughter, Philip Pullman
  2. We can't go anywhere with that because there is only one word and you've already used it.
  3. She left me with a bouquet of flowers that never bloomed, and a muse with bleeding verses that never rhymed At nights when her name is dancing on my tongue, I hunger for the cherries she once promised to feed me Cherry Promise, N (the only credit I could find)
  4. Piranesi, Susanna Clarke, The Aeneid, Virgil and Agua Viva, Clarice Lispector
  5. Ann Cleeves, Harbour Street (Vera Stanhope 6)
  6. Welcome to the board. Good to see you and look forward to hearing more from you
  7. Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, Marilyn Manson
  8. A Song For the Dark Times, Ian Rankin
  9. I found this difficult to follow and am left with a feeling that I just did not get into this book. This may be more my fault than China Miéville's. From Amazon, since I'm not sure myself : Embassytown: a city of contradictions on the outskirts of the universe. Avice is an immerser, a traveller on the immer, the sea of space and time below the everyday, now returned to her birth planet. Here on Arieka, humans are not the only intelligent life, and Avice has a rare bond with the natives, the enigmatic Hosts - who cannot lie. Only a tiny cadre of unique human Ambassadors can speak Language, and connect the two communities. But an unimaginable new arrival has come to Embassytown. And when this Ambassador speaks, everything changes. Catastrophe looms. Avice knows the only hope is for her to speak directly to the alien Hosts. And that is impossible. Not as compelling as Perdido Street Station it was good enough to keep me reading and I did understand that it is completely original
  10. The Haunting of Alma Fielding, Kate Summerscale
  11. Winter has shown peeks in chill's reprises As though summer winds follow sultry roads Melting dreams use desperate devices To hold onto lush lands for their abode Where will the lovely lilting lilies go When their stretch to heaven gets impeded By softest saunter of first season's snow Perhaps their petals rest, neatly pleaded I wonder If I too shall find my rest When heated moments turn to peaceful psalm And God's crystalline account comes to impress With snowflakes of truth, twirling love's sweet balm When the songbird sings, all stop and want her As if saving grace flies forth through her wings I caress these thoughts, in softest saunter Honing hope in her song to return spring Softest Saunter, Cherie Leigh
  12. I would love to hear what you think of that when you finish it, Marie
  13. A Grandmother's Legacy: a memoir of five generations who lived through the days of the Raj - Jenny Mallin
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