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  1. I am really into Pshycoville too Freddie really freaks me out
  2. snickers

    Rest in Peace

    Im with you on this one
  3. Happy Beeday to everyone at BGO for this year Now that covers me!!
  4. Adrian i love your avatar.Sid James was such a funny man i am a big fan of The Carry Ons
  5. 13 For Luck by Agatha Christie. I bought an ex library copy from Amazon for 2 pounds. The last library stamp is 1st April 1968 i think it adds a bit of character to the book. Long over due though!!!
  6. I am nursing a toothache. Off to the butchers on wednesday morning so he can pull the offending tooth out. I can hardly wait.
  7. My bad mind is running away with me now
  8. Tomorrow night me and hubby are going to watch Spiders Web at the theatre. On Monday we are all going to Butlins,should be plenty there to keep the kids amused.Just hope the weather keeps up. All play and no work,will make a nice change
  9. A very Happy Birthday from me MR HG hope its a good one!!!
  10. Hi,i am a memeber of Audible and you can download books to windows media player which you can then load onto your Mp3 player.I dont know whether they will have what your looking for,but its well worth a look. Let me know how you get on xxx
  11. Aww Thanks everyone,you guys are wonderful.BGO is a wonderful place to be I recieved a book lots of hugs and chocs from hubby and kids,i played Guitar Hero World Tour with my two eldest sons(we are the best band in the world according to us)i had beer and a curry and had a wonderful day!!! Simple Pleasures make me very happy indeed
  12. Happy Birthday Hazel,hope you had a good one is 35 a great age to be ?because i will be 35 next week
  13. My daughter and i have just finished reading Coraline,and what a weird and wonderful book it was.
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