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  1. sorry - forgot to highlight the word...BOOK
  2. The Book of Laughter and Forgetting - Milan Kundera
  3. living in glorious Sheffiled its almost compulsory to be a fan of them Arctic Monkeys. Been listening their new cd this past couple of days - a real grower, much more textured than the (excellent) first two albums. These young men are going to be joining the lists of the greats before long. Quite scary really.
  4. I've just done something very unusual. no - not that, not after the last time! Its just that i've had two books on the go simultaneously, which is something i usually find difficult, as it doesn't do justice to either. But these were very different, and both easy to read in very different ways.. "gig" by Simon Armitage is a very warm and funny description of how music has influenced various stages in his life, culminating with himself and a friend deciding to form a band (in their 40's). There's lots to enjoy in this book, and the list of possible band names had me weeping with laughter, particularly with his dad's throw away line "how about Mid-Life Crisis?". The other was by the comedian Dominic Holland - The Ripple Effect. Its a comic novel based upon the notion of how a seemingly irrelevant action can have wide-ranging consequences. Entertaining in its own way, but the happy ending is not just a bit twee, but can be seen approaching a mile off, and i have to say it was really not very well written. Clunky dialogue and 2-d characters - but found it in Oxfam, which is where it will return.
  5. Friend of the devil - Peter Robinson
  6. Found myself away from home and without a book. How's that for bad planning? Luckily a friend was able to provide a remedy, specifically a book of Anne Enright short stories (Taking Pictures). It took a little while to pick up the somewhat ascerbic style, but now keen to crack on. Recommended only if you don't need cheering up, mind.
  7. Surprisingly a straight thriller, rather than his usual gritty on-the-edge type of stuff. But well written, and certainly gripping. Now, what next..decisions, decisions.
  8. no, the other one! Halfway into Audition by Ryu Murakami. Just beginning to get a bit creepy, which is nice. Shouldn't take long to find out just how disturbing it is - a slim volume indeed!
  9. Hi Phoebus - although this is not as idiosyncratic (or unique if im feeling generous) a book as Curious..i wouldn't call it a dud by any stretch. Its certainly in the mainstream of comic fiction, and it reminded me of some of the stuff by David Nobbs and Nigel Williams, which are good comapny. I noticed some other comments mentioning TV adaptation, and that's the feeling that i was left with, which is no real indicator of quality or otherwise. I got as far as imagining who might be cast - be interested to hear what others might think on this.
  10. Sorry to be the spectre at the feast, but although there were clearly some very good ideas at work here, the book became increasingly irritating as it went along. I was left with a cloying feeling of sentimentality. I've no particular axe to grind against Self W, he is quite an entertaining character, and certainly not someone i'd cross swords with in discussion, as he'd probably batter me with a thesaurus. Back to the book - by the time i'd finished it i'd certainly had my fill, and was happy to give it away, secure in the knowledge that it wouldn't be read again. Just me, then.
  11. Just finished A Spot of Bother (Mark Haddon). More mainstream than Curious Incident.., but none the worse for that. Put me in mind of David Nobbs and Nigel Williams, which i consider fine company for anyone writing a comedy.
  12. I'd say worth a look, without being bowled over. The characters were believable enough, but inevitably with this sort of fiction, it lapsed into what seemed just like a series of events. In can imagine the TV adaptation already.
  13. hello -joined up yesterday, mainly because i suppose there's a universal need to see if if we all like the same sort of stuff, or have missed something. Does anyone share that feeling of anxiety of choosing the next book? A bit like the tennis player who can't throw up the ball to serve (i think its known as the "yips")? Anyway - i just find that if i choose the wrong book at the wrong time, it's more than a little dissapointing to set it aside and start anew. Other than that, I'm a pretty well-balanced bloke with more than a few traits of the typical Yorkshireman.
  14. not come across Andrew Greig, so thanks for the "heads up" (sorry-can't help but lapse into cliche). ow do i find that introduce thread? M
  15. ..its "Nina Todd has gone". Very accessible style, straightforward, but with an immediate sense of something dark. I suspect a good holiday weekend book. M
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