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  1. I agree with you Nellie, surely use of sweeping generalisations shows a lack of worldly knowledge!
  2. Erm no...but I do have to be there for 9....
  3. I am assuming that you won't be able to do it at 5 am though? As I have to do it for a charity day on Friday at work.....
  4. I am looking to go as something really unique for Halloween this year and thought "Where better to look for inspiration than in the source of most good characters? - Books" But alas, I cannot think of any characters that would relate well in costume and be recognisable...my friend is dressing as Alex from A Clockwork Orange... I need help....Any ideas?!?
  5. Surely this is a quintessential quality of a good writer- to put themselves in the mind set of their characters? Authors like Stephen King and Iain Banks often envisage hauntingly terrible acts and thoughts for their characters but I do not think that this should mean that we question their moral or mental state in any way.
  6. Have just had this recommended to me by someone at work - so am now on the search for it
  7. It is because of the appreciation shown on BGO that I thought to search it out in my library
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