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    i have very wide reading taste, a year of bckpacking and existing of book swaps widened my horizons.
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    cinema, reading, travelling, sailing, netball, gym
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  1. i have to say i loved this book. in fact i think, aided by its shortness, i read it in one go on a wintry afternoon. the tension between the two characters mounts and mounts, i was hooked and was desperate to get to the end. i was disappointed by the ending though, not by the quality of the writing, but being a romantic at heart, it did sadden me. in my opinion, i enjoyed this book much more than Atonement, i felt more invested in the characters and was desperate for it to reach its climax (no pun intended!). and i think it's brevity only added clarity to the story.
  2. i am about halfway through this book and am finding it a very interesting read, an insight into a way of life of which i know very little about but have been fascinated by. has anyone read Ann Eliza Young's original memoir 'Wife no. 19?'
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