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  1. I actually really loved the war parts. So much detail I could almost see and smell it all. I read the war parts in their full chunks till my bottom went numb. Exciting stuff. What I didn't like was the endless repetative philosophising. Especially the last 60 pages. He just makes the same points over and over.
  2. But if you look to the side there is a one year later update.
  3. Well I re-read the bible a lot. My comfort read there is Ephesians. Followed by Romans and Hebrews. Does that count? lol. I don't think it's comfort, but I lovingly re-read "The color purple" every few years. The characters are old friends of mine now. There are others I like to re read but this one seems to be linked to me sentimentally. When I was younger I read "The farthest away mountain" by Lynne Reid banks every saturday morning all the way through before I got out of bed. I only started reading adult books when I was 23 after a break from 14. So I still have an awful lot to
  4. Mine is an Iphone app so I am not sure it is exactly the same as the program on kindle. The progress bar is hidden when reading but all it takes is a tap of the screen to bring it back.
  5. I have the app on my ipod touch (mostly just for all the free classics.) and yes I look at the blasted bar.
  6. I only have the first one so maybe I will hold off on the others until I know whether I am liking it. Thankyou.
  7. I'm doing two courses at the same time between Feb and June and then still studying till September so... my goal is to read at least 5 fiction books this year. Just an aim to prompt me to make at least some time for leasure reading. I'm currently reading the Count of monte cristo which is a biggun so that will take a while-but I am seriousely enjoying every single tiny second of it so I don't care if it takes a while. I've not been so excited by a book for a while. I have a feeling that my reading list will be brief and shakespeare packed this year. And yeah I probably n
  8. I do love libraries but they were originally needed because books were so expensive and hard to source they were a wonderful thing Even the poorest people can source books for next to nothing or for nothing these days. Car boot sales etc. Online swap sites. Freecycle, swapshops etc I have picked up many free books. If there is a specific title you want you can swap it online. You can even leave your details and title requests with some charity shops. I don't think Libraries are essential anymore. Not in their original function. I barely use mine for myself because they never have wh
  9. I typed in Geraldine Brooks. I didn't recognise any of the names that came up. Lol But on the side of the screen it said Jane Eyre? is that also an authoress? Anyhow when you click Jane Eyre it tells you Loisa may Alcott and Jim Morrison. hmmm I might rely on advice at BGO rather than that map.
  10. I read Jurassic Park after the film and I loved it. I read Pride and Prejudice after the BBC version. I read Larkrise to Candleford after the BBC I would like to read Slumdog millionaire in future. I have watched all of the Twilight films and now want to read Twilight to see what the film obviousely couldn't do. I usually read before I watch.
  11. The three Muketeers Tesse of the D'urbervilles Wuthering heights I know and love these and yet I have never read them.
  12. I have a little pink book. I keep a tbr list in it and cross off what I have read. I re write the list every couple of years as it gets added to and crossed off. I started a fresh one before 2011's read list. After the tbr list I write down everything I read by title and author. Sometimes I make a comment about it but usually very brief. Something to jog my memory not anyone elses. Usually the title is jog enough. At the very back I keep a wishlist which I cross off as I buy or borrow. It's not really a journal as such but just a way of keeping track of what I have and what I have r
  13. I don't set out to achieve. I just found that looking back over the year there were things that I had done that pleased me. Of course it's about reading for fun but it's also good for some of us to see how we change and grow as readers. I like to see where I have improved or changed in many areas of my life not just reading. If you don't feel the need to look at what you read and how that has changed, that's fine. And if people do like to set reading challenges as a way of motivating themselves to read? well that's fine too.
  14. 5) No and me by Delphine de Vigan**** 4) The Bible Jesus read by Phillip Yancey...current 3) A midsummer night's dream by Shakespeare 2) The NO S Diet by Reinhard Engels 1) The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas... 20/12/10-2/2/11.***** R= re-read I also read the bible and books with my children.
  15. For me a breakthrough came this year in the form of reading more modern books. I finally broke out of my classics and high literature rut. I still love those but I have come to appreciate reading a more up to date or less challenging book for sheer entertainment. I also finally broke my fear of large books completely and stopped trying to up my book count. I read War and peace at the start of the year and loved it. I am now reading The Count of Monte cristo and it's gripping stuff. I also finally allowed myself to read a Tolkein book. The Hobbit. I reluctantly have to admit that I rea
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