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  1. Well, maybe it was a few years too late but I recently read this book. Found the first half a bit of a yawn (vacuous club guy name-checking loads of mid-90s celebs) but things certainly perked up in the second half although some of the graphic descriptions of torture have stayed with me longer than I would have liked...! Don't know it I'd recommend it: one of its reviews stated that it was a satire on celebrity culture. I wouldn't go that far, but if you can get through the first part (maybe by playing a game of 'which of these celebs aren't particularly celebs anymore') and like a book t
  2. I've just finished reading this - it's basically about the author's childhood as the daughter of anti-apartheid activists Ruth First and Joe Slovo. I'd feared it would be quite dry, but it's fascinating and very readable. It's inspired me to read more about southern African politics and the era. (I just have hazy memories of boycotting Barclays back in the 80s!).
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