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  1. aquablue, that is a remarkable list. Is it one for the books you have read, intend to read or something else? I would like to get back to you when I've looked at bit more. Best wishes.
  2. When our daughter comes home at Christmas she and my wife play their recorders together - I accompany them on the kazoo, often in another room. I was given a triangle last year and I also have a swannee whistle.
  3. One of the strengths of Barnes' book is that he encourages people to enjoy birds for what they are - it's not a competition. How many of us have had time in the hide ruined by loudmouths who insist on identifying everything down to the last feather at the tops of their voices to the extent that the whole wretched experience comes down, not to enjoying seeing birds, but their knowledge; a plague upon them. So often birders, once they have identified a bird, move on to the next in their search for the unusual. Barnes' message is that it's alright to linger on the commoner birds - whilst there is room for everybody, chasing rarities isn't de riguer.
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