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  1. If you like fantasy, for pre-teens/teens, I think the Twilight Saga would be good for you. Go check them out at a local bookstore, there pretty good.
  2. The only torture novel I have read was 'Geralds Game' by Stephen King. It is torture, but you may find it a bit boring, compared to what your taste is. Summary of the book: Jesse Burlingame and her husband want to be alone and go up to there cabin out in the isolated mountains. Gerald and Jesse play a game, and Jesse ends up handcuffed to the bedpost. In a violent outburst, Jesse kicks Gerald out of self defense-- still stuc to the bed-post. He lays dead on the floor, and Jesse must survive all that the mountains-- and hell, can throw at her while she is tied to the bed, fighting for survival. I found it sort of disturbing, but a fairly good read.
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