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    write fantasy romance for Samhain & paranormal for Wild Rose Press. Am the married mother of 2.
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  1. OMG - "Elfstones" is going to be a movie? That's my favorite of the first trilogy, as well. The reluctant (& initially inept) hero, the "wrong son" Prince Ander who becomes king, evil disguised as good, the courage of the Free Corp, noble self-sacrifice and ROMANCE! I disagree that Terry Brooks writes for teens. Granted I read him as a teen b/c that's how old I was when those books came out. I went to a very conservative parochial boarding school for high school, and speculative fiction was severely frowned upon and confiscated (even as they prayed for your poor misguided soul!). My roommate and I took turns reading aloud, whispering under the covers w/a flashlight so we wouldn't be caught by the hall monitors. I think, like all fantasy writers, he coaches universal truths into a forum for the masses. Most genre fiction is written at a sixth-grade vocabulary level, so it can be read and enjoyed by all. Literacy is still an issue, and my daughter's five word rule (if you don't understand 5 words per page, it's too hard for you) still applies. Who wants a book so high-brow everyone puts it down because they got sick of going "Huh?" I know LOTS of adults that still read Terry Brooks, Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Haydon. It's modern mythology. I don't think people are ripping off Tolkien. I think, like Joseph Campbell, he's the base of the pyramid from which all other fantasy writers build. I loved Peter Jackson's vision. I have the Joseph Campbell lecture tapes, where they seriously dissect "Star Wars." There's the saying "there are no new ideas/plots, just new ways of presenting them." It's true. I write high fantasy romance for Samhain Publishing. I have a heroine who discovers she's not what she thought, I have a hero who becomes the very thing he swore his entire life he'd never do, I have noble self-sacrifice and accepting the different, I have enemies working together to triumph over evil. Universal truths are never cliche.
  2. I grew up reading Terry Brooks & Mercedes Lackey. My favorite book was "Ladies of Mandrigyn" by Barbara Hambly. When I started writing, it was a natural progression for me to write it. I LOVE Joseph Campbell. What I enjoy about fantasy is, yeah it's not real on the surface, but it's a type of modern mythology. It gives a forum for truth without being preachy. It's the quest, it's characters growing beyond themselves, accepting the different, the triumph of good over evil. It gives a message of hope when reality can be a bit bleak. It keeps a sense of wonder in the world - the kind children have that adults tend to lose. It keeps you guessing shapes in the clouds and wondering "Did dragons exist? Where are they hiding now?" My Motto on my website http://www.reneewildes.com is "Believing Is Seeing." I like writing outside the box. When one NY published told me "high fantasy" romance was a cliche, and another one told me they liked me but I didn't fit slot A or B (& they didn't have a slot C), I found someone else who did share the vision. I have 2 fantasy romances w/Samhain, and the first one that's out was a Top Ten seller and garnered 2 5-star reviews, so I KNOW there are other people out there who share the same vision! Never lose the magic. It's what keeps you going.
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