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  1. I agree with you Flingo. I've read Breaking Dawn some time ago, I borrowed the book off from my friend because the book was heavily reserved from the library. Anyway, Meyer was definite on how the plot would go. It mentions on her website that the characters take her instead of her taking control of the characters. This book is kind of a summing up book of the saga, I don't think much is going to happen after the Volturi were done. I guess it's a perfect life for them after. It was quite interesting how many books end after marriage, like what Meyer said in her website. This was a nice change from the ordinary novels that end in marriage and there is still excitement afterwards, who says you retire from it as soon as you're wedded? I have read the Midnight Sun draft, obviously I could see lots of holes and errors but it was nice to be in Edward's shoes and feel what he felt like as the books were in Bella's POV, apart from Breaking Dawn, Jacob had his say. I would love Midnight Sun to be published as a companion book for us to understand the story in a different perspective.
  2. I just finished reading Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov. Right now, I'm reserving the sequel to it and hopefully I can visit the library after the Christmas holidays. I'm just sitting in front of my laptop in my living room. We're preparing a barbeque tonight!
  3. Aww..thank you! And I wish the very best for everyone at bookgrouponline.com! Have a great accident-free holidays and enjoy the prezzies you open underneath the christmas tree! If it's summer, don't get burnt! It's getting hot here! Have a happy new year too! =)
  4. This thread inspired me to get it out of the library. I believe it's a good read, it also won awards. Thanks!
  5. Don't worry about it, just get to bed and have a good day at work! =)
  6. Neither have I till now, and this is my first.
  7. Whenever I enter, no one's there. Maybe I'm on the wrong time...Hmm...anyway we should let others know about chat if thy didn't know there was a 'chat' at the top bar.
  8. Same here, it was part of the learning curriculum that everyone must have a copy of it borrowed from the school library and use it in English class.
  9. Thanks, I nearly worked on it for a year. I've got to catch up on my practical on piano, my fingers are really rusty.
  10. Btw, last Friday, I got my theory results back! I got a distinction! Yay!!
  11. That is a good idea. Sometimes if the book doesn't live up to expectations, I imagine my own plot and the same characters and think up a new story. Sometimes I jot it down.
  12. Cool!! Btw, instruments doesn't have to be standard orchestral instruments.
  13. I remembered that I had to pick some poems from that book, decipher them and write essays about them in my English class. Obviously, I was confused, and help was pretty much useless so I almost failed my poetry because this was my first time really understanding the poems in depth and writing an essay about it. I like reading it and enjoying the words and rhythms but understanding needs a bit of time.
  14. Hmm...yeah, I'm considering seeing it in the holidays. Many kids around the world are waiting for the 'big day' for the screening of Twilight. It's still not out yet in NZ yet...But sometimes the movie puts me off entirely from seeing it in the first place. You are so right Momo, that's why I preferably like books that have a lot of pages to keep me occupied, but it's a harder time to put them down, so this is the price you have to pay. Sometimes I go through depression that I've finished the book, so I stop reading for some time and pick something else to read to get my interest back.
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