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  1. okay, i know i'm new but i thought i could 'mingle' (though i don't know if thats possible on the internet) by posting a new thread, here goes!! My favourite book is Jacoby's Game - Alison Prince. It is about a girl who, well here's the review: As Tiggy lies in hospital after a terrible accident, her mind wanders. Reunited with her beloved cat, Jacoby, she explores past and present in a game of Jacoby's devising. Tiggy can go where she wants to go, be who she wants to be. It's not as comfortable as she had thought it would be. Tiggy is an angry and frustrated person who feels desperately unloved and unwanted. Her mother is distracted, grieving over the death of her husband and Tiggy's hated stepfather, Philip. Philip is the man who took Jacoby away from Tig and had him put down. In the game, no matter how hard she tries to escape him and to find a better place, Philip just won't go away. Only Jacoby is unperturbed. It sounds bad, i know, but i was hooked! Secondly is probably Jane Eyre, again - hooked!
  2. read all of the twilight saga - brilliant, not to be missed!! i'm waiting to read Rumours - Anna Godbersen p.s. i hear they're making a film of Twilight, i'll bet they ruin it!
  3. hi..i'm bobblegobble...er okay, i have to admit i feel rather foolish, being only thirteen, but i am really into books and writing. I read romance and fantasy, sometimes thriller. Mostly i joined this site because i am starting to write short stories, and i want opinions from people i don't really know. Right now i am reading, Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer The Luxe - Anna Godbersen the diary of Anne Frank
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