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  2. Type the author's name in the tag bit and then select it in the drop down menu. As above, tags, then item prefix then select author's name
  3. So I click on their name after' I've written it. Think I've got it.
  4. Crikey, what a film. It starts with an interesting premise and even has a comical tone but then the twist arrives and holy shit, things rapidly start happening. Yes, the class message is heavy-handed (which I guess it needs to be to justify the father's actions) but it's mesmersing to watch. I was starting to think it was a bit so so until the twist. But that comes quite a way into the film so it seems like an ending but it's actually only the halfway point. Film is over two hours long. An absolute masterpiece.
  5. I tried that. But when I type the name in there it simply adds a tag rather than the author's name.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I've never read him before and only know him through reputation, namely that of a racist misogynist (though in today's climate that applies to people who make the 'okay' hand gesture so I'll take that with a pinch of salt). I'm not sure what all the fuss is about; he describes sex. What of it? Anyway, I wonder how many people have been put off him by virtue of a media that are full of hypocrites. I absolutely loved this. It was like being nourished by food, a feeling I haven't had while reading for quite some time. My interest was waning somewhat by the final third but that tends to happen with every book (all books, in my opinion being longer than they need to be). It picked up again after that and was a delight. My only criticism would be the epilogue. It essentially transforms the novel from a story about brothers to a peculiar science fiction romp that wasn't remotely necessary. I could have done without that in truth. The story is essentially two half brothers (Bruno and Michel) who have no real bond until adulthood. Bruno is obsessed with sex while Michel is almost asexual with only an interest in his scientific work. I must say, I found it hard to believe Michel as a character but complete understood Bruno. That may say more about me. I'm not sure what Houellebecq was trying to say by giving the two women in the brother's lives such tragic endings. Maybe that's where the misogyny accusation comes from. He seems to be suggesting that their sexual freedom is the very thing that has ruined their lives and left them unfulfilled as women. To be fair, that seems to be exactly what Sally Rooney was also saying in 'Normal People' too yet I doubt she gets accused of being a misogynist. The book is clearly about our 'atomised' western societies and how we have lost meaning so I'm not sure the criticism is valid. It's kinda the point. Very Good. Will read some more of him at some point.
  7. This was an easy read and also short but no less absorbing. I read it because the film of the same name was on starring Will Smith. I'd seen the film before and enjoyed it so thought that now was as good a time as any to read the book. Richard Neville is, as far as he knows, the only human being left alive in a world of vampires. He survives for three years on his own and then meets a woman that he thought might not be a vampire since he saw her upright and conscious during the day. Then things get really interesting. This is a superb book with a new (to me) take on the vampire myth. It's not as bloody as you would imagine a vampire novel to be it's also very dystopian Recommended
  8. In Search of Lost Timex - Marcel Proust (1 slim novella) Young Marcel loses his timepiece at bedtime, but his mother doesn’t scold him, and gives him his nighttime kiss early, as usual. Three Men in a Boa - Jerome K Jerome Calamity and horror for the zoo keepers at the Reptile House.
  9. I do feel as though the author chose the page order so that's what I went with. But when the author suggests an alternative reading - especially when coupled with signposts to guide you and a strong implication that the alternative reading is better - it takes some strength of character to resist. I do remember an Ali Smith book (How To Be Both) that was basically two novellas and you were supposed toke able to read them in either order. And half the copies were printed with one novella first. and the other half with the other one first. Not that I could spot very much connection between the two halves.
  10. Thanks Luna and Meg! Dr Newton and the pack are still going strong!
  11. Really great to have you back with us, Nellie. Thread in Board Business duly deleted
  12. Nellie! How good to see you again. I hope that you remember me. How are your robot dogs?
  13. Hello?... It's been a very long time since I was here... sadly life got me by the throat and wouldn't let go. I am back firing on (almost all) cylinders now, and am email reminded me of this lovely place. In all the time I have been away, I have still been reading, and it would be lovely to share bookish chat again. 😀 Note for admin - I just put this post in the wrong board, so please feel free to delete it from the "board business" thread - Sorry!
  14. NEW RELEASE "Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of Cthulhu" Buy on Amazon by clicking on the banners at the top or bottom of the page In this tale of mystery and cosmic horror, Sherlock Holmes finds himself kidnapped by his archrival, the evil crime lord, Professor James Moriarty. Seduced by promises of limitless power whispered into his ear in the dead of night, Moriarty intends to sacrifice Holmes and awaken Cthulhu, a malevolent entity of immeasurable power. It’s up to Holmes’s friend, confidant, and biographer Dr. John H. Watson to track him down using powerful methods of deductive reasoning he learned from Holmes himself. Watson’s harrowing journey leads him into the darkest corners of the Amazon and the deepest recesses of his own mind, where he must confront terrors from his past in order to save the future. Will Watson succeed in rescuing Holmes from Moriarty’s clutches? Or will he fail, thus allowing a deadly prophecy of cataclysmic proportions to be fulfilled? Meanwhile, Irene Adler, adventuress and treasure hunter extraordinaire, and one of the only people to have ever outfoxed Sherlock Holmes, explores an evil sorcerer’s lost tomb, filled with forbidden secrets and dangerous traps. Along with her husband and fellow adventurer, Godfrey Norton, she confronts a long-imprisoned force of evil on her quest to achieve fame and fortune. Will Adler and Norton emerge from the Tomb of Akuyaku alive and in possession of the Amulet of Omniscience and Omnipresence? Or will they become trapped, forever entombed inside a living hell deep within the bowels of the Earth? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this riveting new novel by Amazon Best-Selling Author, James G. Boswell, now available on Amazon.
  15. The Midlife Murders - James Patterson Sometime between his 45th and 55th birthday a man starts to feel dissatisfied with his life. He feels that time to make changes is running short. He starts making unusual choices ... Not all men at that crisis point make the kind of choices Rocky Rivers makes - choices that destroy many of the families in the small town where he was born and raised .
  16. When it comes to thriller books no one can stand a chance against James Patterson. This American author has written over a hundred books (with co-authors too). Although he has written some other genre books too but he is most famous for his investigative/thriller genre books. 1. The People Vs Alex Cross 2. Along Came A spider And many more James Patterson books to read
  17. Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
  18. Crimp and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky Ex-salon student Raskolnikov committed the heinous no-no of crimping! Well, at least he didn’t fashion a mullet.....
  19. Is This Love? - Allison Moyet
  20. Avoiding the sun; far too hot at 24°C. Lovely indoors though.
  21. Bought the Kindle editions of Jack Monroe’s Good Food for Bad Days: Self Care Suppers and Other Depressipes.
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