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  2. 22°C in the shade here, light breeze, but too hot for me! Never mind, a cool glass of Prosecco will be nice, later in the late afternoon......*chink*
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  4. Whatever it is, it is far too hot for me. I was out in the garden, watering, at 05:30, when it was pleasantly cool. Not too bad for walking at 07:30, but getting hot by the time I got back from shopping at 09:00, when I closed windows, curtains and blinds on the Eastern and Southern sides of the bungalow, and opened them to the North & West. I will change them over at about 4pm.
  5. Meant to get to about 26 or 27 here, hopefully not so humid as it was yesterday although at least there was a bit of a breeze. Feels quite hot already today though. Stay well everyone!
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  7. When All is Paid by Anne Griffin Kirsten and Kevin have quite different ideas on how their lives might change, once the forthcoming final payment is made on their mortgage. As they talk with each other about the future their plans seem compatible enough, but the author gives us access to their inner thoughts and private intentions ....
  8. That’s brilliant! 😀 Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Bother Animals. Living in 1930s Corfu, young Gerald has an unpleasant experience with the local fauna, so never keeps them as pets, apart from his dog Roger. Lovely description of the pristine villas they inhabit in.
  9. Hummus - with appropriate nibbley thngs to dip.
  10. We’ve suddenly heated up, yesterday was 31C and today promises to be similar. Had to rummage in my closet for pants lighter than the corduroy ones I put on in the morning. Turned on the air conditioning as it was up to 79 in the house, and we get all the afternoon sun in the big bay window. People flocked to the parks in Toronto on Saturday and Sunday disobeying the distance requirements, mostly young people who seem to think they are safe in the open air or figure the rules don’t apply to them. I hope it doesn’t cause a backlash. Hope you are all doing well. Hoping this horrible virus goes away soon. Stay safe everyone. Thank heavens for books!
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  12. Not such a clever one, but my best at this time of night: The Dutch Mouse Anne Patchett's in depth biography of the clog-wearing mouse, living in a windmill in old Amsterdam, and celebrated in song by Ronnie Hilton in the1950s
  13. Absolutely delighted to see this thread resurrected after a six & half year silence., and with a nicely topical title! Just spent a happy half-hour reading through it. Some very funny and clever ones posted in the past - I hope we can continue in the same vein.
  14. How do we find the ones when, as is frequently the case, the enquirer can't remember the plot either?
  15. We sometimes get enquiries like this so I thought I'd post this article to see if it can help. How to Find a Book Without Knowing the Title or Author
  16. This book starts out with a pregnant woman walking very long distances to find her lover. It's the second book I've read this year that starts out like that. The woman is Bella Ford and her long journey makes her very ill indeed. To the extent that she loses the baby. She is taken in by a hard working family who have three sons and one daughter and it takes Bella a very long time to recover. During this time she falls in love with one of the three sons and agrees to marry him. Just as she thinks that she can't get any happier tragedy strikes. This is a very well written book and the plot is well drawn, the characters are believable and it's not very long. It's a very gentle, easy to read book and very worth while. Recommended.
  17. Nevil Shute’s pre-apocalypse/present lockdown novel On the Bleach.
  18. The Death of Grass - John Christopher
  19. I get it when a book gets loads of plaudits, your guard goes up and expectations are raised. Many books I've abandoned despite the praises of serious papers and authors I admire,. This one I felt lived up to the hype and still think about. Maybe its a generational thing and like music you just don;t identify with it. A book for the millennium crowd and for me twanged a lot of emotional strings and memories. I think she writes beautifully and in one short book showed the clash of sex, class , family and friends in a refreshing way. Hey it would be a boring world if we all liked the same books. Just bought The Leopard fingers crossed with all the hype 😀
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