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  3. Down in the Tube Station at Midnight - The Jam
  4. The First Passage: Blacks in the.Americas1502-1617
  5. Lucy in the Sky (with diamonds) - The Beatles
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  7. I am.a few pages into Middle England by Jonathan Coe
  8. Ghost Riders in the Sky - Vaughn Monroe
  9. The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
  10. A Foggy Day in London Town - Frank Sinatra
  11. Night and Day - Everything But The Girl
  12. A gift catalogue arrived yesterday, the autumn edition but in the middle was a selection of Christmas goodies. The main part was still general stuff, they still have garden ornaments etc, so it wasn't totally a Christmas catalogue.
  13. chuntzy

    A Month in Siena

    In this short book the author fulfils a long-held ambition to visit this unspoilt Tuscany city. The artworks dating from the 13rh and 14th centuries are his prime interests and his observations on these show great perceptiveness. And then the narrative opens out as he saunters the medieval lanes that radiate out from the great central piazza. He had left his native Libya when it was under Gadaffi's rule, settled in London and sometimes in New York. His writing is perceptive and unshowy. I visited Siena many years ago and share his love of it. I wish I could write about it like him.
  14. It's a Hard Day's Night - The Beatles
  15. As you may remember Momac, I live in the North West of England and we are suffering a resurgence of infections. At the moment we have been stopped visiting neighbours either in house or garden. They still keep the pubs and restaurants open though, but it is very carefully controlled. We have eaten out recently, and are impressed with all the precautions. In fact I had my eyes tested today and it was very carefully controlled there too. Sadly though we cannot travel out of our area to meet family, so we cannot visit our son in Manchester now, who is under the same laws of restriction, or stay with our son in Hampshire. Who knows how long this will be the case, but somehow we have to soldier on. Trust you are keeping well. You seem to be from your posts.
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