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Dominion First Blood Book One

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An old and terrible threat comes back to haunt Mankind. A race of ancient aliens are hell-bent on dominating Earth and replacing humans with their own kind. An ageing but brilliant archaeologist makes a shocking discovery in modern Iraq. A secret meeting occurs between Vampire elders and the US President. Our modern day SAS hero Captain “Bullet Proof Pete” and childhood friend “Vinnie the Terminator” join forces with their American allies to defend Earth at all costs against the alien menace - but our hero is torn apart by guilt for leaving his wife and family. The US President stands alone - all seems lost. But then our hero turns up with important new information. They are joined by Vampire Demons Cassian and the magnetic Lucia – igniting a sense of new hope. Psychic Lucia joins our heroes in the cruel, guerrilla war against the aliens and informs them of a shocking revelation that changes everything. • IF YOU LOVE ALIEN BATTLES • IF YOU LOVE VAMPIRES • IF YOU LOVE FILMS LIKE THE AMAZING INDEPENDENCE DAY • THEN YOU WILL LOVE THIS NEW SCIENCE FICTION BOOK DOMINION FIRST BLOOD BY RICHARD MANN - OUT MAY 2017 https://richardmannblog.com/free-chapters

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    • By BookishThings
      We all have baggage. Real friends help you carry it.

      It’s 1983 in Boscobel, Wisconsin, in the southwestern corner of the state, known as the Driftless Area. Ellis Sayre is different. He’s a twelve year old orphaned Native American. His adoptive parents lost a son a few years ago and welcomed him to deal with their grief. While stealing day-old bread for a friend in need, Ellis and his two best friends—George and Mason—witness a murder by a local kingpin. Authorities disagree with their story. They call it made up. The boys are trapped, worried for their lives, sending them on a flight to Grandad’s Bluff in La Crosse, WI, along the Mississippi River. Two peripheral stories about Ellis Abbot—a World War II veteran, and Two Right Feet—an orphaned Native American during early 1800’s, are entwined to unearth Ellis Sayre’s roots. They combine to tell the truth.
      - I really enjoyed this book, there was mystery, there was confusion, there were surprises and there was a heartwarming account of friendship and what it is to be there for someone. It's brilliant and especially cosy to read this time of year! 
    • By thefeels96
      So I have compiled together a list of amazing novels with brief summary in the video below. Let me know what you think about these novels  Have you read any of them? have u seen the movie? Did you like them? thanks  
    • By BookishThings
      The Sweet Spot, by Anneli Lort, caught my eye recently, during the excitement of The Open Championship, and it's quick ascent into the top 10 of the sports fiction chart, but it is, undeniably, a romance novel. 
      The Sweet Spot tells the tale of strong female lead, Olivia, who is recovering from an unhealthy relationship and an unforgiving heartache. She moves out of busy London to heal in the countryside, taking a career opportunity to ghostwrite a globally famous, golfing legend's autobiography, Sebastian.
      The setting of Appleton Vale is so beautifully described that this book could truly heal anybody's heartache with its idyllic nature, and the struggles of being in a new place and overcoming a bad relationship are well-portrayed. The characters of this romance novel are wonderfully developed, their quirks, histories, motives and weaknesses outlined early on. Sexy Sebastian is witty and alluring, providing Olivia exactly the distraction she needs, until his feelings for her begin to overcome them both. 
      Whether you're interested in golf or not, I feel that the tension and competitive narrative of the book, as it develops, is a great pace changer and makes a great page-turner. I could not put the book down! If you're looking for a peaceful feel-good setting with a romantic twist, and like authors such as Jilly Cooper and Joanna Trollope, you'll love this! And, if you can't get enough, I hear it's a series and book 2 is on the way! 
    • By Costa
      Hopefully this is the right place to ask as there were not many other threads in relation to this.
      I really like history. I am going to read some non-fiction books (that can be interesting), but I have a feeling that Historical fictionbooks are more fun and gripping? More of a 'cant put it down' book collection as opposed to non-fiction (although I am most likely wrong). There are so many historical fiction books out there that look great (lots of reviews), such as 'Wars of the Roses' by Conn Iggulden, ones by Bernard Cornwell (more medieval). How does one find the great books to read, that are set in different eras? I have no knowledge of the good ones, so is there a list I can be recommended to read as I am new to this genre.
      Thanks you,!
    • By Costa
      -Firstly, I just want to say Hello . I am new here and I thought it would be best to introduce myself in my first ever post, as the 'Please Introduce Yourself thread' is no longer working!
      -Secondly, as my topic title mentions the term non-fiction, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to ask my question, as it's about fiction and non-fiction, so I was not quite sure where to post my thread.
      *So I apologize if this first post by me looks really boring to and long to read. I just wanted to write some brief info about me and books/ interest in history, before I got to my question. But that is why the headings  are in bold, so you can skip to certain parts if you would like! . *
      Background info about me and books/history (the boring part basically): I have always loved History. Growing up watching documentaries, listening to stories told by people, and reading small parts about history here and there, it's always been something I have been fascinated about (I occasionally do that now) . And I have always loved reading, but as I have recently emerged out of the teenage world, and moved into the young adult (uni student) world, my taste in books has also developed. I used to read fictional books, primarily spy books such as the 'Alex Rider' series by Anthony Horowitz  or the 'Cherub' series, by Robert Muchamore.  But I have never read history books!!, Maybe because they would have been quite difficult to fully understand and read at a young age/throughout teenage years? Or maybe because I just was not interested in buying historical books then? Who knows, but I know now that I am wanting to take interest in reading about History!
      The Issue: Last October I purchased my very first Hisorical book. I was trying to find a gereral book about WW1, so I could learn about that, but soon realised from research that it would be impossible to find suck a book, (unless there would need to be a HUGE book telling me about the whole of WW1). So I had to find specific parts of the war to read about. (Not sure if I should mention the book name as it might offend people, you will see why). The book I bought is about a specific battle during WW1. Now I thought I was buying a book that would interest me a lot, I would learn lots from it and it would make me want to learn about that battle, but it has't. It has been quite boring if I am going to be honest! (no disrespect about the subject of the book I am reading). It quite nice to read, but I am reading it more now so I can finish it and start a new one. The book is not what I thought it was going to be, and from reading the blurb, it had interested me into buying it. The book talks about really specific things about this battle, and goes into quite a lot of detail about things that do  not really interest me. Maybe that was my mistake, maybe all historical non-fiction books are detailing something down to the very core; something that I dont find interesting, something that goes on and on about 1 specific thing instead of detailing bits here and there. Or maybe it was this certain book.?
      The Question: Are all historical non-fiction books like this (talks about really specific things in lots of detail) or was it this specific book that I picked up? Should I buy another historical non-fiction book (such as one about Tsar Nicholas as I am interested in learning about his family/reign). Or should I switch to historical fiction books; something that talks about history, yet also has a gripping story that is interesting to read? E.g 'The Last Kingdom Series' has thousand of positive Amazon reviews which is crazy! Are there more like this but for different eras? Or just find a non-fiction book about e.g Rome, or Medieval Japan.
      Thank you very much
      Regards, (do I put regards here? haha)