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On 30/08/2017 at 12:59, megustaleer said:

Someone on another (not book related) forum has asked about the following book. No-one has been able to help yet.

Anyone here recognise this?


Yes I recognise this it’s Property of a Gentleman by Catherine Gaskin.

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I saw a book at a grocery store a few month back but now that I want to buy it I cant remember the name. Its a kids or teen novel where some event mashed togather time creating a world where all time periods exist at once. Zepplins fly though the air and robots walk on the ground. The main charactor is a boy in a school with kids from all time periods and cultures, oh and it might take place in New York. Please help me

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Hi, this is my first post, please be kind ;)


Iam looking for 2 Books.

The first one is Star wars, and iam pretty sure its legends. The story takes place years after the destruction of the second death star, when the remnants of the empire start a counter offensive, conquer many planets and theatening the new republic. I specificly remember that they captured some planets with massive grain production to feed their army. The republic is very much confused how they could conquer those planets, when their planetarian shields were up all the time. I think, they also captured some shipyards. The book is at least before 2013, if not 2010.

The second book is one of the most f***ed up books, i have ever read as a child. The protagonist is an apprentice of either an assassin or a mass murder (which is basicly the same). His master has a special collection in his dungeon. Living and breathing human bodies, 10 or more, which he has surgically freed of their limbs and put them in some kind of machine, which feed them and get rid of their needs. Whenever the master is bored, he talks with them. I specificly remember, that one of them was a psychologist who tried his best to treat the master and talk himself free. The protagonist was in charge of cleaning the bodies / the dungeon / the machines and fell in love with a girl from outside. They both then kill the master, kill his collection and get rid of their bodies. The book ends with both lovebirds having a picnic in a public park, killing innocent bystanders just for fun. I have read that book in German, i think between 1997 and 2004(?). The story does not take place in germany and i firmly believe it has a foreign (non german) author.

If you can help me, feel free to do so.

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