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  1. Review of Child Wonder by Roy Jacobsen, translated by Don Bartlett and Don Shaw. I really should have done a review many years ago when I read this the first time round in 2011. I have however reread the novel. This is set in Oslo in 1961-1962. The foreword explains that this was a time before Oslo experienced the riches of oil and before anyone had any money at all. Finn, the narrator of the novel (though I should note it isn't narrated as live, it is narrated by an older Finn) lives in a flat with his mother, a shoe shop assistant. His father was a crane driver who died. They put together a room that they can rent it out. Some perspective tenants come but either the mother doesn't like them or they don't like her. They finally find a tenant, Kristian, a single man with union connections and a television. Around the same time, Finn and his mother learn that his father had another wife after they split up and a daughter. When the other wife goes into rehab, it is decided that her 6 year old daughter, Finn's step sister, Linda to move in with Finn and his mother. This is a coming of age story about familial love, reading it I just really got the caring and protective attitude that both his Finn and his mother have towards Linda. Told with humour and affection, with an eye to what is going on. I don't believe I could do it justice, it is more a story that needs to be read because this is a superb story from a superb writer. The insights in the novel, observations made, the story as it is told make this a great book, my favourite from Roy Jacobsen who I think is wonderful writer. * * * * *
  2. nothing where something USED to be - vanessa carlton
  3. Review of Empires in the Sun: The struggle for the mastery of Africa by Laurence James This is a book I had bought on impulse because of my interest in moving borders and former countries. It is split into four parts, 1830 - 1880, 1881 - 1918, 1918 - 1945 and 1945 - 1990. It does focus on some countries more than others. Some parts are more interesting than others as with most books of this type like how USA and USSR tried to gain spheres of influence in Africa through gifts and loans to the new states. Overall, it is a nice read but it does have its flaws. One error being in a footnote on Page 139, he writes that Captain Frank Crozier "took brief charge of the infamous Auxiliary Police during the 1919-22 Irish Civil War [1919-21 Irish War of Independence?]." I'm not quite if that bit in the box is an editors note that should have been amended or what. I know this is a small error and I know it is do with a brief sentence about Ireland but it does makes me wonder about other fact checking in it that he got both the war and dates wrong (the [ ] bracket was right which suggests to me that this is an editor note) and this leads me to wonder what order things might be wrong in it. Another error was in the maps at the front of my edition, the map marked c1850 should be 1914 and the map marked c1850 should be marked 1914. Any reader should realise the mistake (and probably a lot quicker than me who was perplexed and looked at it for several minutes) and this is a small error but disappointing. It does help however in an area I am interested in and a good guide nonetheless. * * *
  4. two more books purchased compass by mathias enard flatland by edwin abbott abbott the influence to get flatland was the reviews here
  5. I don't actually use it all that often either, mainly for if a brother of mine wants something that I can't get on Amazon. I can't recall if I've ever ordered anything for myself off it
  6. Rereading "child wonder" by Roy Jacobsen.
  7. Not phishing but internetting anyway My eBay account was hacked . thankfully eBay had noticed it and suspended my account within an hour of it but still, I am jealous of the hackers, I don't even know my eBay password (which I have now changed) First e-mail I got was about supplementary user agreement, then the second was an item I was apparently selling was confirmed. An hour or so later, they e-mailed me again that my account had unauthorised transaction telling me to change my password. When I saw the e-mails, I twenty to eBay rather than the e-mails themselves.
  8. I do the same when it comes to our local elections. My top 2 preferences in 2014 was for two candidates (we have transferable vote system) were for candidates from a party I don't give good preferences to in general elections. Looking out the days look good here but when I get out, it is a bit blustery with a northerly wind which can be cold. But with sunny weather, I did go for 2 evening cycles this week on Wednesday and Friday, doing 14km each night but the last 4km against the wind was tough.
  9. some KIND of champion - sara lov
  10. lanterne rouge: the last man in the tour de FRANCE - max leonard
  11. too very noteworthy acts i'm starting to like zuzu - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoI_gXeAedc amber arcades - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQTUBTPwE0E
  12. kevin garcia, co-founder and bassist of band Grandaddy at age 41 after suffering a massive stroke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5DsI_eCK7Y
  13. At the minute I am watching too much TV. There is the second series of Mr. Robot, new series of new girl, Brooklyn nine nine, new girl, Veep, silicon valley, second season of billions is nearly over, i started both the last kingdom, spin on more4, there is also hell on wheels final season on rte2 and also the trip to Spain is also on as is new episodes of modern family. I think that is too much. It's eating into my book time