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  1. I've just looked at the new site on my work mobile (iPhone 6 using Opera browser) and the Anazon adverts don't rescale. Anyone else have this?
  2. Julian Barnes – The Noise of Time Rose Tremain - The Gustav Sonata Herta Müller – The Land of Green Plums Adam Foulds – The Quickening Maze Jostein Gaarder – Through a Glass, Darkly Hilary Mantel – The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Huruki Murakami – Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
  3. To clear everything; click on Mark site read top right of page. I think 365 days is too long as well. But can't see a way of changing it in profile settings.
  4. I have converted a .doc into an ebook. I think most formats are variants of html. And there are plenty of easy to use tools available. I can'r recommend one though as my only attempt was a very short story for personal use only.
  5. I have a Kindle and so use .azw or .azw3 format. Kindles can also read .mobi format without conversion. .epub files are probably the most popular and are supported by most ebook readers. They can be converted to .mobi by Calibre. This is the best ebook manager available (and it's free). .pdf is to be avoided except for magazines when it renders pages with both pictures and text particularly well. .cbz and .cbr are the best formats for comics.
  6. He looks like a good choice.
  7. I'm not sure how clever the tools we have are. It's worth investigating... Logging off from sites is extra secure but only necessary if you are worried about your PC being stolen and someone being able to log on to it (i.e. knowing your password). But trusting this site with your Amazon account would provide the same level of (in)security - unless there was some extra level of encryption.
  8. Swearing isn't an issue for me. Explicit violence can be. I don't really have an issue with random, at a distance violence. What I don't like is slow, targeted, personal, sadistic violence.
  9. I suspect your browser Dan. I've experienced something similar in the past, but not here. Sometimes your browser will remember when a site doesn't work and continue to report the error even when the sites is back up. Flushing the history or cache fixes it. This isn't the same but close enough.. Anyway, hopefully it's all good now.
  10. I don't get these very often. Both hotmail and gmail are pretty good at blocking them. I used to look in my splam folder and forward them to the relevant companies. But life's too short.
  11. I couldn't find a way. But if you do it in ModeratorCP the list is only 23 pages not 124,
  12. Try the search function. Change the drop down to Members but don't enter a name in the search box. Then click the search magnifying glass icon.