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  1. Are audio books the same as reading print?

    I count them as reading. I don’t listen to them as much as I did. For a couple of years I couldn’t read on the bus or train and so audiobooks filled the void. They can be listened to while doing other things, like walking or driving. But that’s about all for me as they require a certain level of concentration. Also I wouldn’t listen to an abridged book, unless there was no other choice. I haven’t tried it but with Amazon/Audible it is possible to switch between the ebook and audiobook. So that might be half-reading.
  2. How to read more books

    Perhaps you need a standing table in good light? I spend most of my working day at sit/stand desks. It’s better for my back and I can walk around to ease my feet.
  3. Rest in Peace

    One of the things I particularly like about the series is that time has moved on at the right pace. So A is for Alibi was set in and published in 1982. And the last book Y is for Yesterday is set in 1989.
  4. Rest in Peace

    Sue Grafton. Author of the alphabet crime mysteries featuring Kinsey Milhone. Started with A for Alibi and last published Y is for Yesterday. One of my favourite authors.
  5. A Short Survey

  6. Site problem?

    and now I have both advert banners... I'm going to read a book now; it's easier than this technical stuff...
  7. Site problem?

    Just spotted that the page never finishes loading...
  8. Site problem?

    Not for me. I've got the .com at the bottom of the page but still missing .co.uk at the top...
  9. Have a Rant!

    wrong word, sorry
  10. what is everyone doing?

    Mine survived last winter in their pots. Some where a few year old tubers and some had been bought that year as bedding. This year they went in the border and so won't over-winter. Every year the display gets bigger and better and to be sure of a good display next year I will be lifting the tubers and putting them in the rafters in the garage for the winter. I might try hanging them in old tights, which I read is a good way of keeping a good air flow.
  11. Have a Rant!

    I wonder if this discussion is about two different things. Whether we should be comfortable with everything. Whether as society changes, we need to change with it. With the former; I would suggest that depends on whether the thing that makes us uncomfortable serves a purpose. Be that a literary device or a way of challenging our assumptions. But also in challenging our prejudices. And we all have those. Some we are uncomfortable with and struggle to overcome (or perhaps just hide) and some we accept as a part of our make-up. And this is perhaps where we can be out of step with how society has changed and what has become, if not acceptable, perhaps less commented on. I also think it is worth saying that some of the things we are uncomfortable with are due to our upbringing, or our beliefs, or our sense of morality, or our sense of modesty, or ay number of causes. Some of these are, or can be viewed as, less valid than others. But only by discussion and reasoned debate can we explore the subject. And belittling someone's viewpoint is just... well, disappointing. ... That reads like a sermon. Sorry.
  12. what is everyone doing?

    Looks like I'll be lifting the Dahlias.
  13. Have a Rant!

  14. Have a Rant!

    In a way, this is similar to the graphic (usually misogynistic) violence in modern crime novels. We, as well as the detective, need to know how someone was killed and what happened to them. We don't need to experience it. There is a thread about thiat on the site.
  15. Have a Rant!

    So... What do we do? Put warnings on the cover? Do you feel uncomfortable with straight sex scenes? Do you feel uncomfortable above a certain level? I should point out (in the spirit of openness) that sex scenes make me uncomfortable, the more graphic the more so. I also think they are unnecessary. However, love scenes... And forcing... not challenging your language, but...