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    Football, especially Arsenal F.C. Patisseries. Proof reading. Cooking. And reading of course. Nearly forgot about Words with Friends online.
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  1. Book Chain

    The Road To Wigan Pier - George Orwell
  2. what is everyone doing?

    Lots of lists about books at the end of the year (in our weekend newspapers) and in the one showing the 100 best-selling books I had read just one, The Essex Serpent. In readers' books of the year I was chuffed to see my current read Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor.
  3. Book Lists 2018

    Reservoir13 - Jon McGregor
  4. I gave up on it quite early on and for some reason I hadn't associated it with the events described in that Martin Compston programme. MOH read it after me, although he is not a Denise Mina fan, persevered but didn't enjoy it. What is interesting are the memories and links of our Scottish members above.
  5. Book Chain

    Valley of the Dolls - Jacqueline Susanne
  6. Song Chain

    All IN One Night - Stereophonics
  7. The Crown

    It was only the glowing reviews for this drama series that made me sign up to Netflix. We are watching the second series now and even my husband is engaged with it, impressed as I am with great acting by Claire Foy and Matt Smith in the lead roles as well as Alex Jennings, Jeremy Northam and John Lithgow (playing respectively the detestable Duke of Windsor, Anthony Eden and Winston Churchill) - just a few from a great cast. The royal couple are shown to have loads of rocky moments in their marriage but I guess it will survive🤔 Impressive. .
  8. Book Chain

    New Grub Street - George Gissing
  9. Just Abandoned

    I tried a crime writer I hadn't read before, Denise Mina., but her latest 'The Long Drop' wasn't one I should have started with.
  10. Nightmare in Berlin

    I read it a few months ago and I agree with you iff that it started off quite promisingly but lost momentum half way through.
  11. Book Chain

    CARVE Her Name With Pride - R J Minney
  12. Book Chain

    ENDING Up - Kingsley Amis
  13. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

    If you had told me that I should be reading and enjoying this novel first published in 1938 concerning a middle-aged governess, single and impoverished, who is sent by the employment agancy to a swanky West End flat to work for a young night-club singer, I should have been more than mildly surprised. An edition of A Good Read on BBC Radio 4 where all three contributors gave it a thumbs-up made me search out a copy in the library. No problem - Persephone Books had republished it three times since 2008. Over a period of 24 hours Miss Pettigrew's life is changed, and forever. The original layout and illustrations have been kept which all adds to the non-cloying charm of this short noveel.
  14. Book Chain

    The TALE of Two Bad Mice - Beatrix Potter
  15. Galleries, Museums...y'know kultcha!

    We particularly like the 20th century furniture displays there. We always pop in when we are down in Brighton (not as often as we'd like).