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    Football, especially Arsenal F.C. Patisseries. Proof reading. Cooking. And reading of course. Nearly forgot about Words with Friends online.
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    The Dark Circle; Linda Grant
  1. Song Chain

    Don't Look Back in Anger -- Oasis
  2. Book Chain

    A Kid for Two Farthings - Wolf Mankowitz
  3. Song Chain

    Don't Leave me NOW - Pink Floyd
  4. Book Chain

    The Child IN Time - Ian McEwan
  5. Song Chain

    WE Don't Talk Any More - Cliff Richard
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    I recently started A Necessary Evil by Abil Mukherjee.
  7. Book Chain

    Lights OUT for the territory - Iain Sinclair
  8. Song Chain

    WHERE is the love -- Black Eyed Peas
  9. Problems with posting

    Thanks BGOers. I now have a very secret place for my latest p/word but why 'it' (the system) forgets me is a trifle hurtful☺
  10. Book Chain

    You only LIVE twice - ian Fleming
  11. Problems with posting

    Again this year having problems logging on to site. I have always had the tick box for remembering me but today again the site did not and so yet again a new password created. That worked this morning burt this afternoon another palaver. I access thwe site on my Android tab and have done so for ages. Is this just happening to me? Techies please help.
  12. I take it he wasn't looking for special offers on beans😐
  13. Song Chain

    Show me what you've GOT - Jay Z
  14. The most pertinent thing I can say is that I was reading it on my Kindle and that after a bit I kept looking at the percentage read figure at the bottom. I am usually a patient reader but I felt certain chapters were over-written. I suppose also that it didn't help that I 'got' one of the main twists and had some other relevant inklings too (oh, Miss Marple! ) I don't usually ask for Mr K's opinion on books but as he is an avid crime reader I am interested to hear how he gets om with it.
  15. Book Chain

    How LATE It Was, How LATE - James Kelman